Erin Condren

Okay, most people now-a-days think paper planners are "antiquated." iPhone, iCalendars, iClouds, iGetit!!!!! However, you have clearly not been properly introduced to Erin Condren and her life changing LIFE PLANNER. Erin Condren is amazing (read all about her here)! I was first introduced to her website and designs via a friend's Instagram photo.  Said friend posted a pic of the "Life Planner" she had just purchased and I was immediately intrigued. Upon further inspection I was blown away by her designs and shocked I hadn't heard of her before. These planners include everything you need; inspirational quotes, laminated covers and tabs, separate calendars for Birthday & Anniversaries, two-page monthly spreads, goals and to-do lists, meals & exercise section, and stickers!! STICKERS! So, I purchased my first Life Planner and feel like such a better, more organized mother & wife!  

Erin Condren

Erin Condren's designs are funky, fun, joyful, bright, super cute and personalized! They make me happy, and I am all about things that are functional AND satisfying!  Her products actually made me want to get organized! It's amazing in a nerdy way, but I literally jumped for joy when that box landed on my front porch.  Check out her stuff and don't say I didn't warn you ;-).

*Take Note...these also make great gifts! I just bought one for my cousin who is a freshman at The University of Michigan. Yeah I know what you're thinking...she's brilliant, and yes it runs in the family. 


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