Splish Splash I was taking a bath...

Calling all Baby-Mama's! Have you ever seen, or heard of the Papillon Baby Bath Tub Ring Seat!?!? If you have, then mea culpa.  If you haven't, prepare for your mind to be blown! 


My son is at an awkward age in the bath; he is too big for the whale tub anymore (pause for a pout), but too little to simply sit in the actual bathtub himself. I tried holding him with one hand and washing him with the other, but that was like trying to bathe a greased pig! All joking aside it was very scary. I was worried he would either fall over and inhale a huge mouth full of water, or crack his head on the side. So one night I googled "infant bath seat." Of course the atypical tubs popped up, but then I happened upon this little gem.  I read some reviews on Amazon and decided to buy it here.  It has been one of the greatest baby buys yet! W immediately figured out how to put one of the "buoys" in the middle of his chest and crawl around the tub to all his toys.  He has tipped backwards twice and both times was caught between two of the floaties...safely! It's such a relief to be able to enjoy bath time with him again! Suffice it to say, baby and parent give this product two thumbs up!

W in action!!! PampersPearls Instagram photo

~ Happy Bathies ~


* On a side note, I am all about Amazon Prime & Amazon mom (thanks to another mommy friend of mine who recommended it)! I am not a paid advertiser, just a loyal customer. It is $80 a year and you get FREE two-day shipping with no minimum order size, 20%  off diapers and wipes subscription, 20% off other family essentials, etc...  I can honestly say that in the past three months we have saved OVER $80 in shipping so it's been worth it to us ;-)

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