My R+F Story

"Changing skin...changing lives." 
-Rodan + Fields

Last night a few of my girlfriends and I got together for a little "Fall into Fabulous" party.  My friend Shannon is a rep for Stella & Dot (they are currently selling items for Breast Cancer research, which I am ALWAYS about), and I am an executive consultant with Rodan + Fields Dermatologists, so we thought this would be a good excuse to have a "girls night." Last night when taking pics of our beautiful spread, it occurred to me that while most people have heard of Rodan + Fields, they don't know who we are, why (I think) we're important, and how we make such an impact on people's lives. Therefore if you don't mind I would like to tell you my R+F story in the hopes it will not only help you get to know me better, but have a better appreciation for "my business." 

"Fall into Fabulous" w/ Stella & Dot and Rodan + Fields

I am a High School English teacher by trade.  From the first time I substitute taught I knew this was something I wanted to do, and I felt very lucky to have found a profession that could fulfill me on so many levels.  Plus, I knew it would be an excellent career once I had children. 

Look at this love from my could you not be fulfilled!?

Fast forward five years...I now need a spoon large enough to eat my own words.  On February 17, 2013 the good Lord blessed my husband and I with our son Wakeland, and everything changed.  I remember saying while holding him on that first day of his life, "You can't look at him and tell me there isn't a God."  
Love at first sight...
All the cliches became true and life was so different for me. As much as I loved my school and students I wanted to be able to stay at home and raise my son. I wanted to be there for all his firsts.  I wanted to rock him in his nursery before his naps.  I wanted my face to be his favorite. I wanted to see him crawl for the first time. I wanted to sing songs and read books with him all day long. So my husband and I sat down and figured out exactly how much I would have to make to be able to stay home. I searched for online tutoring jobs, virtual schools, etc... Then one day while I was on maternity leave, by the grace of God, I was contacted by my friend Shannon (who I threw the party with last night) who knew I had just had a baby and might be interested in making some extra $.  She put me in contact with her friend Ashley who was a consultant for Rodan + Fields. I knew that R+F were the doctors behind Proactiv which really peeked my interest since I had used Proactiv previously and really loved the products.  I went on to speak with Ashley and was completely impressed about this new company and the potential business opportunity for me; these doctors are doing for anti-age, sun damage, and sensitive skin what they did for acne with Proactiv.  They’ve created a huge line of products that are not only dermatology grade but are getting a ton of press because of how amazing they are.   AND the best parts are...they aren’t a parties company (which I definitely knew I wouldn't have time for with a little one), I didn't need any sales experience, and (the clincher for me was that) they are so confidant you will love the products and see results there is a 60 day money back guarantee. So whether you become a consultant and/or purchase product there is no risk because you can return everything within 60 days and receive back 100% of your investment. was a no-brainer.  So, I took the leap of faith and I couldn't be happier with my decision! Not only did I make my money back by the 60th day, but thanks in part to R+F I was able to officially resign from my teaching position in July.  It was a bittersweet decision but one that was right for our whole family.

It's true about our slogan; "changing skin...changing lives"! And my story is only one of a million out there.  My mentor single-handedly pays her mortgage with this business! The stories go on and on... 

Now, my blog is not an R+F blog; there are plenty of those out there.  Pampers & Pearls was not created to push the product or the biz. This is an outlet for me to document and share all my passions, which include changing pampers (because i'm so grateful that I get to be at home with him to do it) and pearls (yes I wear them and think they're fab & always in fashion).  And of course, Rodan + Fields just happens to be one of those passions too; it's my lifestyle. 

I would love to share more of my amazing experience with you!! If you are interested in getting extra information on the products or biz, please message me below and I will reach out to you!

Thanks for listening to my story!

~ XOXO ~

*BTW, If you live in Jacksonville, Florida and are interested in networking with/meeting other women in the area let me know! We have occasional "Girls Night Out" events (like last night) all over the city and we would love for you to join!

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