Savvy shopper alert!

The other weekend I met up with my sister in law and niece for lunch.  While paying, my SIL pulled out this gorgeous red leather wallet that I swear I had recently seen on 

I pounced immediately..."where did you get that!?" I was prepared for her to tell me it was a Kate Spade...but no...she says, "TARGET!!" Oh, excuse me savvy win! So the next day I ran (well drove) as fast as I could to Target to see how good this knock-off was. Now obviously the Target version comes sans the gold Kate Spade logo and red leather zipper tab.  However, as you can tell by the reaction I had to my SILs wallet, it's otherwise very close to the original AND $163 less.
Kate Spade Mikas Pond Lacey $178.00
Merona Zip Closure Wallet $14.99

But wait...the awesome shopping isn't over yet!!! I had been so focused on seeing "red" that I completely neglected other possible finds. And before walking away from the accessories department with my triumphant deal something caught my eye...something leopard and something pink! Sure enough Target had done it again! Now, I love me some Kate Spade (have you seen their new 2 Park Avenue Beau Bag!? SWOON!), but I love savvy shopping more! 

 Kate Spade vs. Target

Kate Spade vs. Target

Kudos to Kelly for leading us to these awesome finds!!!

Happy Targeting,

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