Weekend Shenanigans LTP Style!

Ironic that the first snowfall in my home state of Michigan would coincide with the cotton harvest I got to witness on my drive North to Atlanta this weekend. It literally looked like a blanket of snow had covered the fields on South Georgia...so pretty! Anyways, this is what got me through the first three hours of our drive, sight-seeing, after a pit stop to change a dirty diaper and then one to feed a very hungry little boy, I sat in silence praying for patience and narcolepsy (For W that is). I honestly never thought we'd see the lights of Turner Field! But we made it!! W was never so happy to see the ground and I was never so happy to see Cam! I lie, I'm always really happy to see her, but you get it!
This is the face of someone who knows they're close to freedom
Upon walking in to Cam's house I discovered, as usual, she had gone above and beyond with cute Halloween decorations and theme gifts. A pumpkin with M&W painted on it. "Little Devil" longalls. Williams-Sonoma pumpkin bread. And on and on...  Her creativity never ceases to amaze me, and I tried to talking her in to starting her own little blog on how-to be fabulous and creative.  Fingers crossed!!! 

After our arrival on Friday Night we:
1. Had a glass of wine with crackers, cheese, hummus, carrots, and catching up!
2. Loaded W into the stroller and walked around the corner to Grindhouse Killer Burger!  Holy Balls this place was good.  Truth is...any place that has fried pickles on the menu is 5 star in my book! I got the junior veggie burger with swiss cheese and grilled onions, and sweet potato fries - ugh, just writing it is making my mouth water.  I thought Wake was eating cheerios, but soon realized (as you can see from the picture) that the floor got most of his snack. 
3. Had girl talk and more wine after W's bed time.  

Chilly walk to dinner...had to sport my new Patagonia

Saturday we:
1. Walked to Einstein Bagel for a cinnamon walnut pumpkin crunch bagel with pumpkin shmear.   Sweet Jesus! Y'all know my addiction to anything pumpkin and this made me deliriously happy! So happy that I've decided Wake and I will be driving across town some time this week to eat it again ;-). 
2. Went to the Georgia Aquarium after Wake's morning nap.  Words can't describe how cool this place was!! We got to see albino alligators, touch stingrays, belly up with Beluga Whales, and watch both the penguins AND shark whales get fed.  
3. Ate a late lunch at La Fonda Latina.  No, I don't think it's named after Kip's girlfriend (I laughed for 30 mins about this), apparently it means The Latin Hotel in Spanish.  Still weird!  BUT...it was delish!  I had tilapia tacos with a jalapeno queso sauce and a skinny margarita.  You want to eat that right now don't you!? Me too!  (*On a side note, Wake decided to turn red face and have a BM during the middle of lunch in his high chair.  It was embarrassingly stinky and I was pretty sure someone almost called hazmat before I escaped running with him to the car! #mommyproblems)
4. made a pit stop by Trader Joe's for wine & snacks
5. had more girl talk & snacks on the couch while watching the S. Carolina/Mizzou football game. What a great game that was!

Ready for the aquarium

W loves his Auntie Cam

Hello Delicious...
Wine, chocolate & fashion mags = girl time perfection!

Sunday we:
1. had coffee and pumpkin pop tarts from Trader Joe's (Hello my name is Morgan and I am a pumpkinaholic) while watching cartoons
2. packed up the car and got on the road before Wake's morning nap ;-(.

The trip home was much better.  Wake slept until we hit the Fla/Ga border; no joke! I was so proud of him!  The weekend was awesome. Definitely different from my previous visits, but still so great to see my LTP and get quality time with her.  It's never long enough, but we'll take whatever we can get! 

Have a great Halloween week everyone! I'm off to do laundry...

~ XOXO ~

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