"What does the Fox say!?"

"Dog goes woof, Cat goes meow, Bird goes tweet, and mouse goes squeak. Cow goes moo, Frog goes croak, and the elephant goes toot. Ducks say quack, and fish go blub, and the seal goes ow ow ow ow ow. But there's one sound that no one knows..."

Who would have thought that a Norwegian comic duo by the name of Ylvis would not only become a part of Wake and mys morning routine, but also be a hysterical and fun way to teach W animal sounds.  I die!!  HAVE YOU SEEN IT!? This electric dance song, The Fox,  went viral only about a month ago (I saw them perform on The Today Show), and apparently they created it as a "joke."  They had no idea it would take off (just like Gangham Style) and made it with their friends for s*$%s and giggles.  So one morning before Joe left for work I showed him the video for a good laugh.  What really cracked us up though was W's reaction - he loved it; was giggling, smiling and bopping in his chair!! The music is entertaining and cheery, and the lyrics are downright, well, "childish" which makes this song quite perfect for parent AND baby.   So now every morning while W is in his highchair eating breakfast we watch the music video on YouTube and [I] sing along. Then lo and behold, yesterday while running errands, this song come on Sirius' channel 78, Kids Place Live, which made me feel better about letting him listen to it; at least I'm not the only one who thought this was kid appropriate. Check it out below... Wake's favorite is "Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding " and mine is "Fraka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kow."


Speaking of kid appropriate and fun, check out this adorable print/poster created in honor of this new hit song! How perfect would this be in your little tike's room!?!?!  I'm all about supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses, and Kimberly Mortson is the owner of, and designer at Small Moments, a online invitation and announcement store. She actually found me on Instagram, thank goodness, because I am now a follower and huge fan of hers! Check out more of her designs here!

What does the Fox say!? 

So...What do you think the Fox says!?!?!?

~ XOXO ~


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