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What does a mammogram, Captain, pageant, and football game have in common?  My weekend! phew! Our weekend was super crazy, and I am beyond exhausted, so I apologize ahead of time if things get blurry and I start to type in a made up language. 

1) Mammogram Day! Had to have my pre-mammy coffee before heading out the door, and of course my trusty laptop wasn't far away.
2) Eek face! At this point I had filled out all my paperwork and was just waiting to get called back. Breast health has become so scary! The receptionist was so warm & kind, and the lobby was gorgeous; clean, bright, and as cheery as possible.  But every single woman in that waiting room looked like they were about to be escorted into the gas chambers; Dr. Mengele party of one! My apologies for the political incorrectness, but the atmosphere was heavy and intense.  It made me more nervous than necessary; which is ridiculous!  What's necessary is living and taking care of ourselves. We shouldn't be afraid.  We can't be afraid.  No more eek faces!
3) I've made it to my room and am still smiling, especially since I've got my gorg pink wrap on. Meow! The only problem is you can't wear deodorant, powder or lotions on your chest, armpits or arms before your mammogram.  So my first tip would be to get your mammy early in the morning...
4) Here is the machine...not scary right!?  My first boob was loaded in at 9:05am and I was walking to my car at 9:22am.  That is how FAST & PAINLESS it is.  Truly, there's a little squishing but it doesn't hurt at all!
5) This was my nurse and she was amazing (I kinda think they have to be).  She has seen more tits than Hugh Hefner, and told me some of the most amazing and hysterical stories of women she has "assisted" over the years.  Peeps, pray she writes a book!
6) Celebratory post-mammy latte and pumpkin (duh) cinnamon roll. My Mother in law was watching W during my mammogram so I also decided to get a quick hi-light and cut while I was out. Yeah me!

*Not pictured! After my hair appointment I swung by the house to grab W and meet my friend Lauren for lunch at Brio - yum! Then that night a dear old family friend came by the house for dinner. In fact, I talked about him in this post here; his name is Matt and he is my brother's best friend...I've known him since I was six years old. He was a Captain in the Army flying Apache Helicopters (he's a total bad ass) and just happened to be in town on business.  I haven't seen him since right after my mother passed away, so his visit was very special. We hung out for hours just laughing & telling stories. For dinner I made braised beef short ribs with gnocchi in the crock pot. It was AMAZING, so I'll post the recipe this week for Taste of Tuesday. 

After my mammogram today it made my purpose and goal behind "Buddy Breast Check" even more important. Being proactive about your breast health needs to become as routine as getting your teeth cleaned. It needs to be something that women feel confidant about. I am woman (and man) hear me roar.  Cue Katy Perry! Cue Survivor! "I'm not telling you it's going to be easy, but I'm telling you it'll be worth it." Hope to see you on the 14th of December for our first...


1) Oh sweet Jesus! What did I get myself into!?!?  Well long story short, I did a Pageant back in college and got 2nd Runner-up! Not bad for my first AND last pageant ;-).  So, when an old student of mine asked me if I would help her backstage during her Miss Senior High/NE Florida pageant, I couldn't say no. 
2) This is her...isn't she gorgeous!?!?  I loved teaching freshmen for many reasons, but the greatest are moments like this; when a girl that I knew at 14 years old grows up into a beautiful, brilliant, and extremely talented person. It's like being the mother to 500 kids (minus all the yucky dependency stuff). Anyways, this is before the opening number. FAB hair & make-up right!? I did that!!!
3) Flash forward past fitness wear and talent to evening gown. I loved this dress on her. Such a great color...she really looked like a beauty queen.  Plus, scroll down to see my Pageant dress from 5, okay 10 years ago.  Crazy right!?  They were almost identical!!
4) She made TOP 10 out of 24!!!! I was so proud!

1) Today was Salute to Service/Military Appreciation Day at the Jags game. We went with our friends Lauren & Chad (flashback to Michael Buble & lunch on Friday) and the best part...they were giving complimentary chair massages in the suite next to ours!
2) Wake and Daddy watching the pre-game.
3) National Anthem...so touching!
4) Fireworks
5) NAS JAX Flyover
6) Wake and his new buddy Cooper; do you think either of them might be teething!? Sheesh!
7) Our awesome "Support the Troops" shirts
8) Family Pic & W is 9 months today!!

Alright Lovies, I think hope that's it, so i'm going to sleep now! 
Have a fabulous Monday!

~ XOXO ~

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