Five on Friday; What's Happening Hot Stuff!?


It's Friday, Friday, gotta link up on Friday! Shout out to the Five on Friday gals, Darci, Natasha, Christina, and April.  This week I seem to be all excited about events...things that did happen or are happening soon!

On Tuesday Wake had his 9 month check-up and all is well!!! He is off the chart in head size, which I still say is due to his large brain! I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that my husband has had a hard time finding hats that fit his head his whole life - wink wink! He is still in the 95% for length (been riding that line since birth), but the big news was in weight! Because he is so long he has always been in the 25% for weight but for the first time he is now in the 50%! He's finally plumping up and I LOVE IT! I mean who doesn't love a baby with a double chin!? Plus, I swear he has a hollow leg...eats more than me!  He only got one shot (his last Hep B booster), took it like a champ and we were out! 
I do have one question for all you mommies out there (and I'm ready to hear both sides) flu shot or not to flu shot!?  I opted out of it for now, although because we'll be traveling over Christmas I might go back and have him get it.  I just have such a hard time putting stuff in my baby's body that is "foreign" (especially since my mother's cancer was hormone based) and not medically necessary. Also because I'm a stay at home mom he isn't exposed to that many people, but a pending plane flight freaks me out.  Anyways, I know I'm his mom and I know what's best for him...but I would love to hear the positives of both sides if y'all are willing to share your opinions/experiences. 


Okay, so I know it's still November and we haven't gotten to Thanksgiving yet, BUT I'm really excited about the Christmas PJ link-up.  Darci over at The Good Life Blog announced this week that she will be hosting another PJ link-up party...this time it'll be for Christmas.  I loved getting into the spirit with Wake's PJs during the Halloween link-up, so I'm really looking forward to this one too!


Kari's Rodan + Fields Big Business Launch (BBL)! Last night my newest business partner Kari had her BBL.  She had a great showing and got three new clients! I obviously LOVE the side biz that I have going on with R+F as it has allowed me to stay at home with Wake, but it's always so amazing and fulfilling to see new consultants experience the same success and excitement of this biz.  As always, contact me if you ever have any questions about the business OR the products! 

Barnes & Nobles Story Time! I met a new mommy friend last weekend and I think it was meant to be.  Her son is only 6 weeks younger than Wake (yeah for play dates) and she's a runner!  BUT the greatest thing is, she invited Wake and I to go with her to story time this morning at Barnes & Noble.  I had NO earthly idea that this even existed! Quite frankly, I'm pissed I didn't know about it sooner.  BUT, I am really excited, especially since as an ex-English teacher I LOVE books and really want to share the magic of literature with W.  Go online to this link, plug in your zip code, and check to see if your B&N has a Friday story's usually in the kids section at 10:30am.


It's coming, It's coming...Holiday Gift Guide 2013!!! For next Fridays "Five on BLACK Friday" I will be posting my own personal Gift Guide.  The five categories will be for The Ho Ho Hotties, The Merry Men,  The Twinkling Tiny Tots, The Holly Jolly Jumbled, and The Festive Furries in your life!  I'm so excited and hope you all stop by to check it out!

~ Happy Friday Lovies ~

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