FLA/GA Recap

Hey Y'all!! I'm sooooo exhausted from this weekend, albeit for great reasons though! Therefore instead of summarizing my shenanigans I'm going to take you on a quick picture tour with captions as your guide! Enjoy!

1) Dinner Friday night at La Nop (I had the usual; steak fajita quesadillas & some margs) with a group of friends who were in town for the FLA/GA game.  That's my pregnant friend Liv holding W...he's in a food coma, chilling on his future buddy. 

2) A pic with my other girlfriend Amanda (who is also pregers) at the first of three tailgates of the day. We're I'm still sober and hopeful for a good game :-/.

3) This year's annual Tailgate koozi...gotta love the design!

4) Obligatory tailgate couples pic! 

5) Amanda and I with "Uncle Pauly"...our good friend who drove down from ATL for the game.

6) The hubs and I.

7) Group pic at tailgate #2. 

8) Amanda and I

* Obviously the gators didn't win...again (hence there being no more photos)! So Saturday night was a total bummer!  BUT, fear not, all was fixed on Sunday!  The greatest event of the weekend was the birth of my dear friend Liv's baby boy! I'd like to think that W had a telepathic convo with her belly on Friday night while he was lying there. After all, they're going to be best friends so he probably discussed the need for his buddy's immediate arrival! I would post a million pics of this gorgeous new baby (he literally has perfect skin AND already smiles), but I do not want to steal the thunder of the parents before they get to announce him first. Don't worry though...W and his BFF will be together in lots of photos very soon.  It was so beautifully emotional to "see" such a good friend bring forth life! New babies are such a gift and I'm so proud of her!

~ Hope y'all had an amazing weekend too ~

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