"Snot" your average Monday

No Shenanigans this weekend! We had a great time just relaxing! And thank goodness, because this morning baby W and I both woke up feeling "green."  I tossed and turned all night with a faint sore throat, but then when I heard the little man fussing around 4am I knew we were both in for a long day.  We lovingly refer to our condition as the "snarfles"; a term I stole from my brother and his family that quite perfectly describes what we're experiencing. So in honor of "Medicine Monday" I've put together a compilation of things getting Wake and I through the day!

"Snot" your average Monday...

"Snot" your average Monday... 

For Mommy:
* Tylenol Extra Strength - self explanatory
Anthropologie Homegrown Monogram Mug - I have this mug with a "W" on it for W...duh! I microwave water in it for about 1 min, then squeeze half a fresh lemon into it and add some honey.  It's the perfect soothing combo!
* Leopard slippers - Steve Madden made a pair just like this that I received for Christmas almost 15 year ago! I loved them sooooo much; they were warm, squishy and comfy! I figured after surviving High School, College, Grad School, etc... that it was time to get a new pair.  Steve Madden doesn't make them anymore, but I found this pair at Target and they are just as good.  I wear them 24-7 in my house during the Fall/Winter.
* Vitamin C - extra boost to fight the germs
* Head Massager - I got this as a gift from one of my students a few years back and it sits on the Ottoman in our family room.  It is super cheap for how awesome it makes you feel...within 30 secs my entire neck & back just relax. Ahhhh!  
* Airborne on the Go packets - I add these to Smart Water sometimes (If I don't want to drink Gatorade) to not only get the electrolytes back in my body but to also get some extra vitamins and minerals. These are great have/drink before traveling to to build up your immune system.
* Halls Cough Drops - these just help my sore throat feel better
* Not Pictured - I love taking a hot bath before bed...it always seems to clear my head and relax my muscles.  Plus, I have to wear my favorite navy blue sweatshirt that I got when I was 11 years old, skiing in Telluride. I love how worn and warm it is - always makes me feel better. 

For Baby:
* Boogie wipes - Okay, I was totally against these...until now!  This is Wake's first real cold and his nose is leaking like a sieve. The only thing that is gentle and soft enough to constantly wipe that tender skin are these boogie wipes. They are a must for the snarfles!
* Infant Tylenol - Be sure to speak with your pediatrician before administering any drugs to your baby.  This has helped with Wake's minor fever and fussiness A LOT though.  Plus it helps him sleep better.
* Humidifier - Our pediatrician recommends a cool mist humidifier (not sure why), but I'm all about following directions when it comes to W's health. 
* Pedialyte - Gatorade for babies. It's odor and tasteless but full of electrolytes to help your little one stay hydrated. 
* Baby Rub - My pediatrician told me to rub a little infant vaporub on their feet & chest to help break up and pull out the mucus. 
* Halo SleepSack - Wake usually sleeps in this at night only (like a blanket), but I've been putting him in it today so as to keep him warm, toasty and comfortable. 

For Both:
After his PM nap we will both get all snuggled up on the couch and watch Despicable Me. Well...it'll be on the TV but W will probably be too busy to watch it. 

~ Wishing you health Lovies ~

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