Buddy Breast Check Update!


Hey Lovies!
I'm so excited!!! A week from today will be the very first Buddy Breast Check (if this is your first time hearing about BBC, check my post here).  It is going to be on the 12th of every month, starting next Thursday.  I figured 12 is easy to remember for everyone; link-up on the 12th of every month...for 12 months! I got the idea to do it on the 12th from a local TV personality here in Jacksonville who is a big advocate for breast health and does something similar (Check out her website here if you're interested).  Soooooo...mark your calendar (and spread the word) for next Thursday, the 12th of December; the very first Buddy Breast Check.  If you're a blogger see below for directions on how to link-up, and if you're a reader be sure to do your self-exam that day ;-).

Here's how it'll work:
1) Post about whatever you like that day....BUT just make sure at some point in your post you remind your readers/fellow bloggers that it is Buddy Breast Check time and they need to do their self-exam.  
2)  Grab the button and link back here to Pamper & Pearls
3) Link up will start at 8am EST on the 12th of every month. 
4) Please help me promote the link up!  Use the hash tag #buddybreastcheck on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  (Tag me on IG: @pamperspearls and Twitter @mtike).  Tag me and I’ll re-tweet!

Just think...
"40% of diagnosed breast cancers are detected by women who feel a lump, so establishing a regular breast self-exam is very important."
-Johns Hopkins Medical
So not only will you be taking ownership of your own breast health, but you'll also be meeting new blogger friends, encouraging them along in their breast health, AND supporting your readers in their health. 

I truly hope you'll join me next Thursday!

~ XOXO ~

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