Buddy Breast Check!

"Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, it's the first twelfth of the month."
-Bone Thugs N Harmony


It's Here; the FIRST Buddy Breast Check!! I've never been so excited to rub on my own boobs ;-)! Today, and every 12th of the month, I will be writing a post dedicated to Breast Health and the importance of self-exams.  It is my hope that fellow bloggers will link-up with me as a way to not only show their support, but also take ownership of their breast health, and encourage their readers/followers to do their monthly self exam as well.  If you've already done your self exam for the month, still share the button AND brag about it; you go girl!  If you haven't done your monthly self-exam, then this is your fun, friendly, reminder to do so.  

Since it's the very first BBC I wanted to open my heart to you all and tell you my mother's story with breast cancer, so that you can better understand why this is so important to me. It's a long, sad one...so I've written it here for those of you that actually want to take the time to hear/read it.  I feel like telling it is the only way for you to understand just how amazing, strong, and courageous my mother was...and why I am doing BBC. For everyone else...let's get started!!!!

Wanna play along...here's how it works!
1) Post about whatever you like today....BUT just make sure at some point in your post you remind your readers/fellow bloggers that it is Buddy Breast Check time and they need to do their self-exam.  
2)  Grab the button below and link back here to Pamper & Pearls
3) The Link up starts at 8am EST on the 12th of every month, and it's a blog hop so feel free to share!! 
4) Please help me promote the link up!  Use the hash tag #buddybreastcheck on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Tag me on IG @pamperspearls and Twitter @mtike and I’ll re-tweet!
5) And most importantly...remember to do your breast self-exam at some point today if you haven't already. 

1) Do your breast self-exam at some point today if you haven't already. 
2) Remind your friends and loved ones to do their self-exams by sharing this post on your Facebook or Twitter pages using the hashtag #buddybreastcheck.  Tag me on IG @pamperspearls and Twitter @mtike and I’ll re-tweet!

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*On a final note, I would love to have a different guest post every month for Buddy Breast Check.  Have you ever had breast cancer? Do you currently have it? Have you gone through it as an "outsider" with a family member?  Do you just simply wanna talk about your experience with breast health? I would LOVE to hear what you have to say, and spotlight you and your blog here on January's Buddy Breast Check

~ Take care of yourselves lovies and get "checking!" ~

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