Five on Friday; 2013 in Review

It's Friday and I'm back from a nice little break to review my 2013! We had such a blessed year with much to be thankful for. 


The greatest day of the year (and my life) was on February 17th...Wakeland Joseph Teichert was born at 2:53am. I went into labor at 3am on Feb 16th, so yes, I was in labor for 24 hours. We got to the hospital for the first time around 5:30am on the 16th.  I was only 1 cm dilated, and after very little progression they sent me home around 10am.  Over the next couple hours at home my contractions got really bad (like sawing me in half bad) and we returned to the hospital at 2:30pm.  I was still only 3 cm dilated, but the nurse was able to determine that I was having back labor because Wakeland was "occiput posterior" (when baby is facing the mother’s abdomen), so the back of his head was pushing on my sacrum (the tailbone) which explained the immense amount of pain I was in.  Being that he was our first baby, I had no idea what was going on, but was beyond relieved to know that this type of labor was not "normal." Only 24% of women experience back labor.  Rude! Once I got the epidural though the world came back into focus and I felt fantastic. Around 7pm my progress started to slow so they administered some pitocin to get things going again, and I was ready to start pushing around midnight. It was all worth it though!!!

Watching Wake grow! This year has been filled with so many "firsts" for both W, and Joe & I.  We've loved every moment and are constantly amazed by this amazing gift of parenthood!

* Meeting friends and family throughout the year
* First Easter Holiday
* First time swimming
* Discovering feet for the first time
* Laughing
* Eating cereal
* Rolling from front to back
* Eatings solids
* cutting teeth
* Getting Baptised
* Crawling
* First Halloween...dressed as Albert the Alligator
* First Thanksgiving
* Learning how to wave & clap
* First Christmas
* First plane ride

All the fun parties we attended/threw:

* Courtney & Ryan's wedding
* Brooke & Chris's wedding
* Maggie & Jake's wedding
* MJ's baptism
* Britney & Shane's wedding
* Wake's Baptism
* Baby Frick's Shower
* 3rd Annual Charity Christmas Party
* 6th Annual Elsey/Teichert Christmas Dinner

All the places we visited:

* Miami (Aunt Cari's house)
* The Lorelei in Islamorada
* Key West
* Gainesville (twice)
* Oviedo
* Lake Weir/Ocklawaha
* San Francisco 
* San Jose
* Atlanta
* Detroit

And lastly...Some of our most memorable moments:

* Frick & Liv tell us their pregers
* I start my busines with Rodan + Fields Dermatology
* Mother's Day @ The Player's Championship
* Campbell Newbern is born 
* Joe's first Father's Day
* Wake's Baptism weekend with family & friends
* I start this blog; Pampers & Pearls
* Visit Aunt Cam in Atlanta
* Michael Buble' Concert
* Finn Frick was born
* Festival of Lights & un-planned hospital trip
* My first mammogram
* Wake's First Christmas
* Wake meets my side of the family in Michigan

Thank you God for a safe & healthy 2013, and I pray for the same blessings in 2014. 

~ Happy New Year Y'all ~

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