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I am BEYOND excited for this week's Five on Friday!  My dear friend Olivia (the fabulously talented one who I always rave about) finally started her own business...SWEETTART CLOTHING! Olivia has always been her own little fashionista! Her style is funky, chic, and always on point; I would let her dress me for anything! So, her New Years Resolution for 2014 (alongside kicking "A" with her full time career, being a baller wife, and taking care of her gorgeous 3 month old baby boy) was to start her own online clothing & accessories boutique "for the faceted fashionista."  

With all of that being said, her very first shipment with 5 pieces (perfect for today right) arrived LAST NIGHT and y'all are some of the lucky first to check it out. Below are the pics & descriptions.  To purchase, go to this link SWEETTART CLOTHING, and follow these Procedures.  ALSO...drumroll...Olivia is offering free shipping on orders over $50 AND 20% off your NEXT order for anyone who orders from this first shipment.  #Savvyshopperalert

"Button Down to Business" Top: 
"Stripes will always be in style and what better way to wear them than a black and white tunic top! Pairs perfectly with skinny jeans or leggings in any color. Add a colorful cardi for the daytime or a bold red lip for an evening affair!" $35 

"Golden Opportunity" Necklace: 
"Don't miss your chance to make a brilliant first impression! If you don't have a simple statement gold necklace for everyday wear its time you added this to your collection!" $20

"I Am the Occasion" Top:  

"Saturday morning mimosas? Date night? Dentist Appointment? Who needs a reason to wear sequins? Not you! This knit top is ready for anything, everything or nothing at all!" $35

"Mad About Plaid" Tunic: 

"Classic print with a twist of trendy. Who wouldn't be crazy over this tunic? Add a vest and boots for and comfortably, cozy look!" $35

"Rama Jama" Dress: 

"Looking forward to spring already? This dress is the perfect transition piece! Wear it now with boots and a chunky cardigan and in the spring with wedges and a smile! Added bonus if you are a Gator or Auburn fan and need a dress to wear to those first few football games!" $35

FREEBIE!!! Because who doesn't like a freebie!?!?!  Starting Monday I am going to be doing "MODA Monday."  Thought process behind this...1) My Monday posts usually re-cap my weekend.  Whoopedy Frickin Do, right!? No one cares about how many margaritas I drank; which my loyal followers would know is around 2-3 on an average Friday night. And let's not get started counting the glasses of wine. 2) People read it because they want to see what I wore (I think) OR ate/cooked.  And 3) Why not break up the points in #2 with separate posts.  Yep, I'm a genius!  So, MODA Monday will take the place of my usual weekend recap with comments, pictures and descriptions of what I (and occasionally Wake) wore.  Then I will continue as usually with "Taste of Tuesday", "Wishlist Wednesday", etc...  YOU'RE WELCOME!!

Okay always, thanks for your support of P&P (don't forget to follow me on Instagram, FB, Twitter, & Pinterest) AND be sure to like/follow SWEETTART CLOTHING; you won't regret it ;-).

~ Have a great weekend Lovies ~

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