Taste of Tuesday; The Breakfast Club

What's up everyone!!! It's my first Taste of Tuesday this year with Ashley & Jessica. Last night I decided to cook breakfast for dinner! How fun is that!?  Well, you might not think so, but I had the best time making it!  I have had this delicious sourdough baguette sitting in the freezer and I've been dying to do something fabulous with it...like healthy baked french toast!  The ingredients are very simple, it took 5 minutes to put together and only 20 minutes to cook.  Now you can't beat that!!


I cooked up some bacon (my personal favorite is Applegate Farms Natural Sunday Bacon) and made mimosa slushies. They are so easy to make...try not to hurt yourself! 1) Freeze champagne in ice cube trays. 2) Once the champagne ice cubes are frozen place them in a cup. 3) Add the orange juice and stir to mash up the cubes.  Voila...Mimosa slushies!

*Word to the wise...the champagne ice cubes melt and get crumbly very quickly (see color change from pic 1 to 2). Therefore wait to take the ice cubes out of the freezer until you are 100% ready to make your drink.

~ Bon Appetit Lovies ~

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