Five on Friday; Savvy Bauble Shopping

If you haven't figured it out by now, I am ALL about a bargain!  One of the main reasons I started Pampers & Pearls was to find and provide for my readers all things fancy & functional while saving your time, money, and sanity! Now don't get my wrong, I will spend good money on three things; jeans, handbags & Tory Burch Reva Flats.  Other than that I just don't see the need because you can either wait for said item to go on sale, or buy the knock-off at Forever 21 or Target. This we have this week's Five on Friday; Savvy Bauble Shopping!!

Savvy earring shopping!

Black studs

Kate Spade // Target

Green Studs

Kate Spade // Baublebar 


Kate Spade // Forever 21

Savvy Statement
Kate Spade // Baublebar 

Savvy Pearls!


J.Crew Necklace // Sweettart Clothing // J.Crew Bracelet // Forever 21

Savvy Bauble Necklaces!

statement 1

Kate Spade // Forever 21

statement 2

Kate Spade // Anna Ava 

Statement 3

J. Crew // Baublebar

Have a great weekend AND
~ Happy Bauble-ing ~

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