Wednesday Wishlist; Birthday Love

This week has been crazier than a nuthouse rat...and it's only Wednesday!! It's a good crazy though; I think! My son Wake turned 1 on Monday (ugh, that just tears me up) and my hubby turns 30 today!  It's a big week of milestone Birthdays in this house.  So of course I've decided to have a little BBQ with some immediate family & friends on Friday.  Pre-baby party-planning was a piece of cake! Post baby party-planning...whole new ball game! I've enlisted (well really she bravely and amazingly volunteered) my decorating guru friend Olivia to help, which relieves a lot of panic over decorations.  So, blah blah blah, yada yada yada, without too many excuses...what I'm really wishing for today (other than Ina Garten to become my house keeper & cook for the week) is to take a deep breath, cherish these precious moments before they flutter away, and wish my amazing, hard-working, love of my life husband a very happy birthday! 

It was love at first sight for me with Joe, and I've been super lucky to share 9 birthdays with him.  I had some fun walking down memory lane yesterday finding pics from all the Birthdays we spent together and figured I would share them with you.  Baby faces right!?

Alright lovies, I'm off to cook or clean or run errands...or maybe just drop it all and play with my little man!

~ Happy Wishing ~

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