Thrifty Thursday; C. Wonder Loves Us!


According to, thrifty is an adjective meaning; "practicing thrift or economical management; frugal."  Ipso facto, purchasing items on sale or at a discount is being "thrifty."   So isn't it kismet that for my first installment of "Thrifty Thursday", C. Wonder just so happen to be having a sale!! Have you ever lusted after any of the C. Wonder items I've posted on here before? Like the...

// Signature Mid - Length Cardigan (w/ or w/o monogram) //

// Printed Stripe Zip Top Clutch //

// Almond Toe Suede Wedge //

// Monogrammed iPhone 5 Case //

And so on and so forth...

Well, now's your chance to scoop up any and all of them, because between now and March 26th, C. Wonder is giving 30% off your entire order with the code: 30LOVE!! That's right...not just one item, but the whole order!

~ You're Welcome ~
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