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I got a comment from a friend on Facebook asking that I look into matching Easter outfits for siblings.  I aim to please, so after some really fun digging I've decided to dedicate this Friday to my top 5 matching Easter outfits for baby's/toddlers.  

This outfit is the most traditional matching outfit I could possibly find.  In fact, Wake is wearing something very similar; yes I know...he'll look like Little Lord Fauntleroy and "I don't care...I love it!" Anyways, you know the brother & sister wearing this will be a hit amongst the choir ladies at church!
Easter Outfit #3
Dress // Tights // Mary Janes // Shortlet// Knee Socks // Oxfords

I love this outfit! It contains all the bright and beautiful colors of Easter but isn't too "matchy, matchy."  It's also very casual, so depending on your plans for the day/weekend this could be perfect.
Easter Outfits #2
Dress // Ballet Flats // Button Down // Pants // Moccasins

Can we say MONOGRAM!?!?  How cute would these be with green or white initial monograms across the chest!? I die! Major soft spot for monograms, so when I saw these two pieces I couldn't help myself.  These would make for amazing family photos!
Easter Outfit #4
Dress // Flower Sandals // Piped Collared Shirt // Shortlet // Fisherman Sandals

Awww, so cute right!? I know this is very similar to option #2, but I am loving all the gorgeous prints from Mini Boden right now. Plus, I couldn't pass up the option to style a baby boy outfit with oxford bucks! And can you handle the cuteness of the Cole Haan gold cap-toe shoes!? I can't wait to have a girl! ;-)
Matching Easter Outfit #1
Dress // Bow Flat // Cap Toe Shoe // Button Down Shirt // Pants // Oxford

I saved the best for my humble opinion.  I love that the outfits are matching, but not too overwhelming.  The open-toed shoes allow the little girl to add a little personality of her own, while the bow tie gives the little man some pizzazz! 
Easter Outfit #5
Dress // Bow Shoes // Button Down Shirt // Bow Tie // Shorts // Top-siders

~ Hope this gets you all fired up for Easter with your little nugget(s). Have a fabulous weekend y'all! ~

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