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~ Hello Lovies ~
With Easter this Sunday I thought it only appropriate to list my top 5 favorite things about this Holiday.

 ~ CANDY ~

I think we might have already discussed this (around Valentine's Day), how Starburst Jelly Beans are my favorite candy next to Sour Patch Kids.  I'm obsessed with them!!! So Easter is always the day I know I'm going to eat a lot the whole bag of jelly beans! This is also the ONLY day of the year when I will eat Peeps.  At 30 years old I don't particularly love them anymore.  I think that they were my favorite as a kid because they were covered in Hot Pink was a dream come true! Now, I can actually feel my teeth crumbling every time I take a bite; but it's tradition, and I'm not ever going to break that. And of course...what Easter basket is complete without a Reese's Egg!?  But, did y'all know that they now make Snickers Peanut Butter Eggs!?!?!  Yeah, I know, that's just rude! 
So...What are y'alls favorite Easter treats?


Easter Egg hunts, decorating the Eggs, reading Peter Rabbit, etc...  These are traditions that were important in my house and I am SUPER excited to do them with Wake this year. He doesn't understand the purpose of everything yet (so I admittedly didn't decorate eggs this year - whatever, haters), but he can walk run, so on Saturday we are going up to our Club for his first ever Easter Egg Hunt.  Milly (that's what we call his grandmother) got both him and his cousin MJ their first official Easter Baskets from PBkids.  I'm obsessed with Peter Rabbit (it always reminds me of Easter) & this monogram. 

And speaking of Peter Rabbit, a big tradition in my house was for my grandparents to give every grandchild a book from the The original (classic) Peter Rabbit series, corresponding with their age that year.  For example, you got The Tale of Peter Rabbit on your first Easter.  On your second Easter you received The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, and so on and so forth.  On our 18th Easter (senior year of high school usually) we received the next 6 books to complete the series (23 in total).  I still have all 23 books and they are now sitting on the shelf in Wake's bedroom, so our new tradition will be to read together the corresponding book at that Easter.  We read The Tale of Peter Rabbit last year when he was only 2 months old...and this Sunday we will read The Tale of Benjamin Bunny
What are some of your favorite traditions!?


Y'all know me...I'm a sucker for decorating during the Holidays!  Here are some of my favorite finds...
Easter Decor
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8


Hopefully this should go without saying, but the most important part of Easter is obviously the celebration of Jesus' resurrection.  My faith is very important to me but it is also very personal and internal to me.  I know the bible says we should go out and "evangelize", but I just don't have that "calling."  I am very thankful for those who do preach & spread the word of God; I even admire them.  But I am not that person.  That is how God made me and I am very strong & confidant in my relationship with him.  So although this entire Five on Friday could be dedicated to all the reasons I love Jesus and am so thankful for his presence in my life, I would like to continue to hold that close to my heart.  

So...I wanted to be sure to say all of that before I jumped into the fact that one of my favorite parts of Sunday is seeing what everyone wears. I didn't want you thinking I was a complete heathen!! Anyway, I was the kid that had to sit on the end of the pew so I could look at every woman's shoes as they walked by for communion.  #shoewhore! It was always a big deal in my house, picking out my Easter dress. I remember going shopping with my mother every year to pick something out; the little white hat, sometimes the gloves, always the white tights & shiny shoes! Shit, my mom even sent me $ in college one year so I could go buy a dress to wear to church that Easter with my grandmother. It was is important people! (Which btw, I'm so fired up about my Easter dress this year that I am saving it for this Wednesday's inaugural Mid Week Muse! Yes, it's that awesome! Be sure to check back!) I love seeing what the children wear; bow ties, seersucker, tights, hats, dresses, etc...?  Wakeland will be smocked (literally) in blue seersucker ALL WEEKEND! YEAH!!!  And lastly, because it's in my DNA, I always check out what the women are wearing (incl. accessories). I mean, because let's be honest, women dress for other women...the men could care less! ;-)

~ FOOD ~

And lastly...because it's usually what comes before we turn on the PGA tournament and go into a food coma...Easter Dinner! We never had a "set" traditional menu for Easter, it was usually whatever my mom wanted to cook OR whatever my grandmother's country club was serving ;-).  However, the usual menu seems to be comprised of Ham, potatoes, peas or beans, salad, bread, AND carrot cake! YUM!  
What are y'alls family food traditions!?

Okay lovies, may God bless you and your family on this beautiful weekend! Be sure to check back on Moda Monday for pics from the weekend!
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