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Happy Friday!

This week flew! I'm sure it's partially due to the fact that Monday didn't really count.  Have y'all had a good week!? We were incredibly busy around here this week; W has been sick since Sunday, The Hubs is still nursing a minor (self-inflicted) injury, and the cat decided to shadoobie outside of the litter box twice. #ALWAYSAMOM...It's been super fun!  But, I count the good with the bad because this week has also been the best week for P&P since it's creation.  We've had the most visitors, link-ups, comments, and contacts then ever before.  I am constantly overwhelmed with everyone's kind words, and still in shock that anyone cares about what I think, because in all honesty...I feel like this most of the time...

So thank you, thank you!!!

This week's Five on Friday is all about my newest/current Summer obsessions.  Sometimes I have this completely irrational (and somewhat rude) fear of sharing things on my blog because I don't want my size to sell out before I actually get around to buying things.  I know, I'm a little cray cray! But, because I love you, and because the likelihood of me buying all of these things is slim to none...share I will. 

Alex and Ani
I got my very first Alex and Ani from my best friend Cameron (she keeps me so fresh) a few years ago and loved it.  What a cute idea to have individual charms in different colors to display.  Plus, a weird little tidbit about me...I actually like having lots of jingle jangles on my wrist.  I like the noise that all of the charms make and the way it feels. Reminds me of my new favorite song..."I'm so fancy, can't you see this gold." I got you Iggy! Anyway...anyone else with me on this jingle train?  

So I was in the store the other day buying an A and A for one of the grad parties we attended last weekend, and I had NO IDEA how many amazing symbols they now make (including Saints).  Soooo, I bought a St. Christopher bangle for both her and me! Yippee!  Saint Christopher is the patron Saint of travelers (which I'm not really) BUT he is also a sacred source of protection. You pray to him to strengthen, protect, and aid you, and I literally haven't taken it off of me; cuz I need all those things. I don't know why, but i just feel better with it on.  The next one I want to get is Mother Mary; it's brand new and helps you to live with more grace, compassion and hope! 

Kate Spade...Again
A few months ago when I was getting really hopped up for summer I did a collage of my favorite/potential summer beach bags.  Well I ended up not getting any of them, thank goodness, because look at this red hot momma!!

The Kate Spade Maraschino Clear Tote! Need I say more (other than, "lower the price biznotches!")? Swoon! You can see everything inside of it for easy access, and it's made of plastic so the water won't hurt it.  Plus, there's a bow on it! Perfection!

Nasty Gal
No...this is not the title of my is the designer who created this ridiculousness...

Now, I personally don't like the shoes, but to each their own! However, I. LOVE. THIS. JUMPSUIT.  I'm a huge fan of jumpsuits & rompers as is; they are easy & comfortable while still being sexy.  This one takes the cake though for summer! Fun, colorful, sexy, cute, casual &'s got it all! Unfortunately I don't think my mosquito bites will work in this...but I am 100% willing to try. Can we say double-sided tape!? 

Beverly Swimwear
I'm still on the hunt for the perfect one piece.  As I've mentioned before, I have an unusually long torso for being only 5'5" and I can't find any CUTE one piece suits that come up over my tots. I have literally tried on over 20 joke! So here are the next two swimsuits from Beverly Swimwear that I'm going to take a chance on.  What do you think? Which one do you like better?
Bow Tie Betty

Poppy Peplum 

Lauren James
I found this adorable designer on Instagram and am dying to get my hands on a pair of her shorties. Lauren James Co. "produces clothing for women - inspired by the classics and driven by modern styling, We strive to capture looks that are both unique and timeless" these ridiculously awesome seersucker running shorts. GENIUS! Seersucker running shorts; why didn't I think of that!? What is cuter and easier than running shorts that are a fashion statement in and of themselves. should see their patriotic shorts for summer...adorable! Perfect for running errands when it's hotter than a whore house on nickel night! 

Alright Lovies...have a fabulous weekend!!! 

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