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How are you today? I'm still coming down from my "Birthday High" which is always such a bummer! BUT the Silver Lining is all the Birthday shopping I've been doing. Last Wednesday for Mid Week Muse I posted my Birthday wishlist. I got the camera from my husband (yippee for better blog photos) and then the rest of my presents were up to me.  This sounds like a great idea (and in all reality is), but giving me money and telling me not to spend it all in one place is like giving Lindsay Lohan a pound of coke and telling her not to use it all at once! HA! This moolah was burning a hole in my I did some shopping and ended up finding some amazing, savvy finds in the process!

Leopard Espadrille

As you may recall I've been really wanting these Steven by Steve Madden leopard espadrilles
Well come to find out they are terribly made! I checked at least four websites and every complaint was the same; after only 2-4 times wearing them the stitching started to fray & fall apart.  NO BUENO! So then I found these ridiculously awesome ones by Loeffler Randall...for $225!
I contemplated them for a second until I stumbled upon these from H&M...
Now I know they aren't as "awesome" as the previous two, but they look a lot better once they are on your feet! AND...they were only $25, so if they fall apart, oh well! I'm sorry, but to save $200 they will suffice! Jax peeps, they have them in the H&M store in the Avenues right now so go grab them before you have to pay for shipping!!

Crystal Glamour Bracelets

So I have a thing for J.Crew jewelry...I think it's all amazing! However, what I love even more is finding amazing replicas of J.Crew's jewels if possible. I always swooned over the J.Crew Crystal Glamour Bracelet, but could never bring myself to spend the $70. 
 Well it's a good thing I didn't, because Enter Love Andrea's Closet! "Love Andrea's Closet is a fashion accessory line that prides itself on bringing you gorgeous, classy & unique accessories to spice up your outfits for affordable prices!"  
So, for way less than $70 I was able to snag up some amazing knock-off bracelets! WINNING! In fact, if you missed yesterday's Mid Week Muse post be sure to check it out...I'm wearing two of her bracelets.


I think it's really funny when people say, "Gator fans wear jean shorts." Oh No...Shooo, I'm so insulted! Ummm, okay, yeah, I am a Gator Fan and I wear jean shorts because they're cute.  At least when I wear jean shorts you can't compare me to Cercei Lannister. Catch my drift? kick rocks back to the trailer park while you give yourself brain damage trying to figure that comparison out sweetie!  

Anyway, I digress! I've recently been looking for a good new pair of jorts.  I follow some other bloggers that swear by the J Brand Carly Short and/or the Rag & Bone Cutoff...

but I wanted to try and find something comparable in style & fit for under $100.  Enter the Levi's 501 short...
They are only $58 and have extremely high ratings on a couple of sites I checked out. PLUS...if you don't already subscribe to Piperlime you should! Not only do they have free shipping & returns, BUT they also send out special promotions to email subscribers.  For example, I got an email the other day giving me an extra 25% off my entire order if placed by 10am.  So not only did I order these already awesomely cheap & chic shorts...but I got them for 25% off! Savvy Shopper Alert!!!

Two-Piece Sandals

Years ago I bought a pair of BCBG stiletto sandals for my senior prom (yikes!) and they have lasted me a long time.  However, they are starting to look a little withered...sad face! I've been looking for a similar pair and I stumbled upon these Steve Madden Stecy Two Piece Sandals. As I did some more research I found these Tessa Heels from Alloy Apparel and couldn't believe how similar (and cheaper) they were. 
Not only are they $60 less than the Steve Madden pair, but they also come in an amazing array of colors (including leopard).  Cheap & Chic peeps!!!

Alright Lovies...that's it for today! I hope you have a great Thursday!
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