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I don't know if you saw my IG post from yesterday morning, but during Wake's nap I got a wild hair on my ass and decided to try and re-arrange/de-clutter the counter top that collects all of my jewels.  And if you're like me, once the de-cluttering just doesn't stop. My family lovingly referred to this as "wombatting." I don't know why...but wombat is what I did.   

So I cleaned out my closet & drawers next, and in doing so found a few things that are still cute & in really great condition that I simply just don't use/wear anymore.  So for today's Five on Friday I am selling five items straight out of my closet.  Price is listed below the picture & it's $5 shipping for any item(s) no matter where you live outside of the Jacksonville, FL area (If you live in Jax...I'll hand deliver ;-).  It's first come first serve, based on when I receive your email. If you're interested in an item contact me at pampersandpearls {at} gmail {dot} com. 

Cole Haan Gold Thong Sandals
These were too big for me (don't ask me why I got them in the wrong size) so I've worn them only a handful of times! The Cole Haan logo is still visible on both the leather heel guard & rubberized bottom. Originally purchased for $95.
Size 8.5, $30 or best offer

Banana Republic Clutch
This clutch looks brand new.  Other than a slight lip gloss stain on the inside, the satin interior is in perfect condition.  It measures 12 inches across & 5 inches high. The exterior is hand woven tweed. Again, I've probably carried it 3 times. Originally purchased for $65
$15 or best offer

Lacoste Purse
I got this purse during college (because it was pink & had a gator on it) and have NEVER, I repeat, never used it.  It's brand new (without tags) with zero wear & tear.  It has a center zip pocket and two outside pockets.  It also has an interior pouch for your cell phone. Know any Gator Girls that would love this!? 
$20 or best offer

Lilly Pulitzer Skirt
This particular skirt I wore A LOT, but have taken really good care of.  It's a size 8 but fits like a size 6. It's perfect for summer!  Originally purchased for $118.
$15 or best offer

Anna Sui for Anthropologie Dress
I've only worn this dress once.  I loved the style & color a lot, and when I tried it on in the store I thought it would be perfect for so much.  But...I have very small boobs (like two mosquito bites) and because of that I wasn't able to fill the top. If I hunched over even a little bit, it was peekaboo city.  I ended up having to wear a cardigan with it that one & only time, and then was too scared to wear it again.'s a beautiful & practically new dress...but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone with an A cup. Originally purchased for $350. 
Size 4, $60 or best offer me at to purchase, or give best offer.  XOXO
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