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~ Hello from the Mountains! ~

We made it...finally! I am not a good car rider; I have terrible motion sickness so that combined with 8 hours in the car while zig-zagging the Smoky Mountains made things very interesting. I literally have to lay down in the back seat and do yoga breathing. It's pathetic!  So needless to say I was BEYOND relieved and happy to finally get to the house. 

Anyway, I apologize for the tardy post, but my outfits have consisted of lounge pants & a t-shirt for the past two days.  Plus, let's not forget people...I am on vacation here so I'm not wearing a watch and I'm doing what I want, when I want to do it.  Last night we just chilled and I found my "assigned seat" for the week out on the porch overlooking the valley.  It's gorgeous here; perfect views of the Smokies no humidity, peace & quiet, and the fire flies dance around our valley at night.  It's perfect!  

Today after the little nuggets took a nap we ventured through Gatlinburg into Cades Cove, "Once home to a small mountain community, whose settlers came mainly from Virginia, North Carolina and upper east Tennessee, it is today the largest open air museum in the entire Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Cades Cove has original pioneer homesteads, barns, businesses, pasture and farmland--a fitting tribute to the hearty people who lived here in the days of yesteryear."  And...the wildlife is crazy...we saw a black bear & her cubs, a turkey, a coyote, and deer. 

Photo Cred: The amazing Joe Teichert. 
Hat: Mint (old) // Tank: Forever 21 (old) // Watch: Michael Kors // Shorts: J.Crew 

Now my outfit was by no means, "chic."  It was comfy and appropriate for walking around & being "touristy." However, compared to the other tourists that were out there with us, I looked like Kim Kardashian.  Did you know that capri sweatpants worn with bathing suit tops is in fashion?  Yeah, me neither, but I saw a plethora of girls AND women wearing this new look. It was awesome! Don't be jealous but I got to see their stretch marks, belly button piercings, and muffin tops too. Yeehaw! 

We're back at the house now enjoying some awesome nachos which I'll have up tomorrow.  Until then, enjoy your night loves!!! XOXO

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