Taste of Tuesday: Deconstructed Nachos

~ Happy Tuesday from Tenn! ~

I'm slow on the post...AGAIN...because I chose to do morning yoga on the deck overlooking the mountains instead; sorry, not sorry!  But at least it's not 8 o'clock at night! Today's Taste of Tuesday is really simple; deconstructed nachos.  Since we have this gorgeous, fully stocked kitchen in the "cabin" we have decided that each family member will be in charge of one dinner.  Last night was my SIL Jackie's night to do dinner and she basically created this amazing Mexican Nacho bar.  There really isn't a recipe to go with it, but here are your instructions.

1) Pick whatever meat you want (chicken, ground beef, etc...) and cook it.
2) Chop up a plethora of toppings (peppers, jalapeƱos, cheese, avocado, salsa, tomatoes, cilantro, lettuce, black beans, onions, etc...)    
3) Place tortilla chips on a plate and cover with whatever you want!
4) Grab a Corona Light or Marg and Voila!

Check out the pictures from our creations below...

Super easy & super delish!! Have a great day lovies!!!!

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