Thrift & Thoughts on Thursday: Work. Post. Play. Post. Sale!

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It's another schizophrenic Thursday; our favorite right!?  I've got some amazing deals for you from Kate Spade, but first some #ThoughtsForThursday.  

Thoughts for Thursday

If you're like me you've probably googled (or at least thought about) what the best time to post on Instagram is.  When writing a blog and trying to increase visibility & readership, using social media to your advantage is very important.  So I did some Internet research and got varied responses based on a ton of variables.  Thus I decided to conduct an experiment myself.  Over the past two weeks I've posted at different times each day of the work week between the hours of 7am and 9pm (eastern standard time) and here is what I found. (*Now remember...this is not in any way, shape, or form scientific. This is just based on my own personal findings which is directly linked to my followers and their own IG schedules.) 

Best time to post in the morning: 10:00am  
*I attribute this to the morning "break."  At this point people have been at work for 1-2 hours and need a mental break.  They open their phones and very quickly check FB, IG and their personal email.  Then it's back to work...  It should be noted though that 7am came in at a close second (10 less likes). I'm thinking this is because everyone is either getting ready for, or on their way to work.

Best time to post in the afternoon: 3:00pm
*Can we say afternoon break time! It's the exact same reason people are checking their phones at 10am. Again, I guess they need a little break to push them through to the end of their work day.  12:00pm came in at a close second (13 less likes) and this is obviously because people are at lunch.

Best time to post in the evening: 5:00pm
*This is, on average, the time that I assume people are getting off work. Whether they are in the car (get off your phone jerks), waiting for public transit or at Happy Hour, people are checking in on what's happening.

Best overall time to post: 3:00pm 
*This shocked me too...but I had the highest amount of likes (by 6%) on my 3pm post than any other post from the past 2 weeks! 

So you can't say I never gave you anything because here is the key (according to little ole me) on how to crack Instagram!!


Kate Spade is having a sale...on top of their sale! Use the code: MORESALE to receive an extra 25% off items already on sale! And the best have until July 6th to continue to buy everything! Here are my personal favorites (some which I own, some which I want)!!

Perfect for summer AND any Red, White & Blue Holiday!

You know I've had my eye on this shirt since I posted about Kate Spade pulling inspiration from Italy!
You had me at the bow!

I have a wallet like this in red and it's my all time favorite.  Love the leather, color & zip closure!
Again...I have this pouch in a different pattern and use it as a lipstick pouch in my purse. It's really durable and functional.
Remember this little gem!? I spotlighted in on a savvy shopper post one time because it reminded me so much of the Chloe bag. Anyway, it's an even bigger #savvyshopperalert now AND yellow is such a perfect/hot color for summer!
This bangle is IT! Enough said!
These colors are so bad ass for summer! You could wear them with so much, and with the sale they are only $29.25! I die!
Me Scuzzi! How amazing would these earrings look with the bangle from above!? 
This necklace is so pretty! I have one similar to it (I wore it in my IG selfie yesterday).  You can't go wrong with turquoise ever!

Okay Lovies...that's about all I got! I hope you enjoy your Thursday and if you post on IG at 3pm be sure to give me a shout out so I can like your baller post & it's timing! ;-) 

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