Five on Friday: Patagonia Sale

~ Happy Friday Friends ~

So last week I mentioned that Patagonia was having a sale that started Thursday; which it did. This is the perfect time to get your hands on any cold weather items (that you know you will need) on the cheap! So I went ahead and did some shopping for you, and below I have my top 5 favorite items (for women, men & mainly kids) from their sale! #Savvyshopping + planning ahead = awesomeness!

Women's R3 Fleece Hoody
Florida can get cold...but we're not necessarily worried about snot freezing (which is NOT a myth y'all.  I grew up in Michigan and boogers freeze.  My brother even had his windows freex close one time).  This fleece jacket is perfect for our winter's because it will keep your body & head warm while still making you look pretty!!
*Available in 2 other colors. 

Men's Arctos 1/4 Zip Fleece

I love this jacket for men (AKA Joe) because it's technically a jacket but can be worn with any/everything! Also, since it's a pullover it can be worn like a sweater or sweatshirt, but it's crushed fleece exterior is also warm enough for wearing outdoors.  It's a great all-around jacket. 
*Available in 3 other colors

Reversible Puff - Ball Jacket
Two jackets in one for $60!!!??? SOLD!  This would be perfect for the little nugget.  And yes, you may think it's too warm for winter's in Florida BUT I don't want my little man getting cold; better safe than sorry!  Plus, it has a hood eliminating the need for a hat (which mine would most likely rip off anyways).
*Available in 3 other colors.  

Synchilla Recycled Fleece Vest
If you know me or my husband then you will not question the need for this vest. Thank you! 
*Available in 3 other colors. 

Pita Pocket Mittens
NO ONE likes cold hands.  These mittens are almost 50% you can't afford not to buy them for your kids. 

Alright lovies, have a great weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday.
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