Five on Friday: Game Day Gear

~ Happy Friday Lovies ~

Not only should we be giving three cheers to the fact that it's Friday...but it's also Game Day Eve! GAME DAY EVE! Holy Balls I've been waiting since January for this day; I LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL! I don't think there is any better time of the year than Football season; it encompasses my favorite Holidays, my favorite traditions, my favorite food, my favorite people (sometimes), and so on and so forth! It's the best!  So for today's Five on Friday I've put together my favorite game day looks for women (cold & warm weather options), little boys & men.  I've also included a list of game day must-haves! *Disclaimer...if you are not a Gator, Auburn or Illini fan this post will probably make your skin crawl.  I do not apologize for this as I only know how to wear/match orange & blue on Saturdays, however I hope you will come back by again on Monday ;-). Smoochies!

Warm Weather Wear

Gator Gameday Gear

Top // Sandals // Shades // Skirt // Earrings // Nails // Purse

Cold Weather Cuteness
Cold weather Gameday Gear
Shades // Boots // Dress // Necklace // Purse

For Your Man
Gameday Gear for men

Shirt // Shoes // Visor // Shorts

For The Tots
Gator Gameday Gear for Toddler
Polo // Shoes // Shorts

Gameday Essentials

gameday essentials

I'm hoping y'all will understand the majority of these "essentials." If you're going to be in a stationary location then you can't beat the Yeti cooler, but if you're hopping around from tailgate to tailgate then you MUST have a a cooler on wheels. You need to have a cute flexible koozie, band-aids (for potential blisters), a small bottle of sunscreen (I've been burned way too many times), and some SPF lip/chap stick which should all fit in your purse. My personal favorite drink is Skinny Sweet Tea vodka with lemonade, and I hope to dear God that I don't have to explain what the Ziplocs are for.  Unless you attended school at Louisville, you should know the purpose of a Ziploc.

Okay Lovies...that's about it for now, but I'm sure I'll have more Gator related posts as the season continues.  Also, I will not be posting on Monday as I'll be spending time with family,  but I'll see you back here on Tuesday.  Happy Labor Day & Go Gators!!!

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