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~ Good Morning Lovies ~
How are you!? How was your weekend!? Did you enjoy watching hours upon hours of football? I know I did; thank you football season for giving me a reason to eat nachos & drink beer!  ;-)

Anyways, since most of the weekend was rainy, I sat on the floor building blocks with my nugget & watching football (and also checking IG on the reg for NYFW updates.  Did you see  Monique Lhuillier's show? I die. Dead).  I wore ripped up boyfriend jeans, my favorite J.Crew t-shirt & flip-flops pretty much the whole weekend; nothing to get crazy taking photos of and "pinning."  So...what better timing then today to put a hold on Moda Monday and write about something else I think is incredibly neat & post worthy; HeroMe!!!

Inspire Creativity and Do Good

HeroMe is an online toy store where kids can

create their own superhero action figure.

* Creativity is important in everything they do. It makes people more flexible, better at solving problems, and more socially adept.
*Kids are creative, but most toys come with a prepackaged story and do not develop kids’ creativity. Kids have their own story to tell, and they want to help them tell it!
*Doing good can do a lot. They encourage kids and their HeroMes to Do Good whenever and however they can.

In their online HeroMe Creation Lab (www.HeroMeLab.com), kids pick one of five heads, one of five superpower arms, and one of five superpower legs. Kids name their HeroMe, give it a personality, and create the stories and adventures of their new friend. The best creativity booster of all is the child’s ownership of the entire process. This is not a toy created by HeroMe, this is a toy created by each child.
(See Samples Below).

My sweet friend's husband is the brain child behind HeroMe, and with an 18 month old boy of my own at home, I was really excited when I heard about this project months ago; you can bet your sweet ass we'll be getting Wake one of these as soon as he is old enough to understand the "process."  I also have a 3 year old nephew and we'll probably get him one of these for his next birthday too; they really are just about the coolest things ever!! 

The element that I love the most is HeroMe's mission to DO GOOD!  In HeroMe's Media Kit they said, "We believe that kids have more than enough exposure to violence, sinister toys, and scary story lines. Therefore, one of our primary goals at HeroMe is to create a positive tone with every product we sell. 'Do Good' is the catch phrase of Dr. Socs, the scientist who runs our HeroMe Creation Lab, and it is a message we seek to instill in every child who creates a HeroMe. In fact, the HeroMe Handbook that comes with each HeroMe is full of games and activities that reinforce the idea of doing good. Whether kids are exposed to the concept by de-coding a secret message from Dr. Soc’s or by making a list of ways in which they can do good in their own lives, at HeroMe we think lots of reminders to do good can be both positive and powerful." Inspiring right!?  Each child gets to create their own adventures & stories with their new friend at home!?  It makes me want one of my own!!!
So, I wanted to share this with all of you because today is HeroMe's official "launch" and the first day of their Kick starter Campaign. By clicking on this link you can pre-order your very own HeroMe and be one of the first to receive it...ever!!! Can we say CHRISTMAS!!! Or, just check it out and be sure to pin it for your nephew, son, friends next Birthday.

Connect with HeroMe at:
Instagram: HeroMeLab
Twitter: HeroMeLab

Have a great day lovies and be sure to show HeroMe some love!!

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