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I have a fun post for you today because it's kind of sporadic.  Those of you that know me, know that Thanksgiving is my least favorite Holiday.  I actually get very bitter & "Scroogeish" on Thanksgiving because it always brings back bad memories about my mother's illness; it seems like every bad test, diagnosis, surgery, etc... always happened on or around Thanksgiving in my family. And most people don't know this, but my mother's absence is a daily insides ache often and I long for her terribly. I hate that I don't have her advice.  I've heard other people say that their loved ones communicate with them in their sleep, but that's just complete bullshit to me. If that makes you feel better, fine, but it doesn't even begin to fill the void in my life. I don't want symbols & metaphors in my sleep...I want my mother here! But...I also battle with my faith and role as a mother. I know that Christ would never hurt me on purpose & everything happens for a reason.  I'm not suppose to dwell on the "what ifs" and therefore I need to be better about looking for the "silver lining." Excelsior! Ever Upward! that my son is here I want to make it a special Holiday for him.  I don't want my mean-mugging to pass onto him.  Therefore instead of focusing on "Thanksgiving" I've decided to focus on things that I know make me happy around/and as a result of Thanksgiving. Enter my five...


"I don't like free stuff"...said NO ONE EVER!  Especially with the Holidays approaching, this giveaway can be a perfect way to wipe off a lot of people on your list.  So be sure to enter my giveaway...which makes me happy because 1) I LOVE giving, 2) I LOVE Shopbop and 3) I LOVE shopping. 

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Organization makes me happy...and when I get a new planner/notebook it's like Christmas to me!  Sugar Paper is a Los Angeles based company that offers a variety of custom & pre-printed stationary, notebooks, calendars & gift wrap (that are FABULOUS) and they've teamed up with Target to launch a ridiculously chic & affordable line of goodies.  With 2015 right around the corner, now is the time to order/buy everything you'll need to keep your life & resolutions organized. You can purchase the Sugar Paper for Target products online at Sugar Paper or at most Targets


Next week I will be teaming up with Rosie True to bring you our Thanksgiving Lookbook.  Whether your Holiday plans include sitting on the couch watching football, "meeting the parents", or attending a formal event, we have the perfect look/outfit ideas for you! So be sure to check back here next Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday! This is basically an oportunity for me to play dress up/have access to a closet the size of Mariah Carey's...#happyhappyhappy


What my son wears is sometimes just as important, if not more important, than what I wear; and dressing him up makes me happy.  He's like a life-size doll to me!  Althought, now that he's getting older I am torn between dressing him like a big boy or continuing to put him in all the  smocked gear that I love so much.  Regardless, during the Holidays (most specifically Thanksgiving, Christmas, & Easter) I plan on stuffing him into Longalls & saddle shoes for as long as possible; so basically until High School - hehe.  Anyways, here is the outfit W will be wearing for dinner on Thanksgiving (after he takes off his Lions jersey of course ;-). 
Longall // Oxford // Boots


I am not hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, thank goodness.  It always seems like such a stressful undertaking especially when there are so many really good football games on & naps to take! I'd rather do Christmas Eve and/or Christmas breakfast (sign me up MIL).  However, I always like my house & kitchen table to be festive and reflect the season; decorations make me happy.  As I said above, I'm not a huge Thanksgiving fan, so I decided to steer towards the idea of "the Harvest." Being that I am an ex-English teacher I find great inspiration through the written word.  Autumn/Fall is a very symbolic time, so this year's table scape was inspired by Emily Bronte's quote; "Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the Autumn tree." 

Thanksgiving Tablescape

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

Okay Lovies, that's it for me! Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here next week for my Thanksgiving Lookbook!

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