Five on Friday: Christmas Decor

~ Happy Friday Lovies ~
This felt like such a fast week...but then I realized that I only blogged three times - duh! But, here's hoping this Holiday season will go fast for every one with all the parties, secret Santa's, and shopping to do.  

I usually do my Christmas decorating the day after Thanksgiving but with us being out of town last weekend I wasn't able to decorate until this week.  Thanks to Dollar Tree (again), I was able to make my house very festive for very little money; everything's $ everyone leaves happy!! Today's Five on Friday details my five favorite areas/decorations in the house.

Kitchen Table

For Halloween you might remember that I decorated a dining room, but for Christmas I decided to decorate the kitchen table. This is where we always eat (it's most comfortable with a hi-chair) and since I will actually be making Christmas dinner this year I wanted to get it set nice with the china & crystal.  Everything from the centerpiece I got from Dollar Tree. I can't put fresh flowers on the table because my cat jumps on the table in the middle of the night and eats the petals; she's such a little bitch. So I loved these faux poinsettia and berries...and they add the perfect pop of color to compliment the small ornaments and napkins.

China Hutch/Cabinet

I love my hutch; I think it's one of the most beautiful pieces we have in the house. And since the crystal belonged to my mother it is very important to me that it's not only properly stored but displayed.  During Christmas I usually decorate the hooch with some Santa covers and throw in some favorite ornaments & nutcrackers to spice it all up.  The nutcrackers and ornaments, per usual, all came from Dollar Tree!

My Mantel 

I love our family room mantel during Christmas.  Since we have the tv above the fire place it's always  hard to soften up the mantel and add lots of decor.  I usually have a few photos and candles/Hurricanes, but during Christmas the garland and stockings really make it a lot "homier." I'm obsessed with the red tile Hurricane vases and what you can't see is that I have an electronic candle in each one.  At night the soft flicker and glow in the room is perfect; I got the lights...for $ Dollar Tree!

My Wall Signs

I've always wanted to decorate the walls more...take down some paintings/pics and hang more seasonal items.  This "Joy & Merry Christmas" wall hanging and sparkle bow both came for the Dollar Tree. I know it seems repetitive (cuz it is), but it's just amazing to me how many things you can cross off your holiday "to do" list for just $1 each! Plus, it's the first  thing people see when they enter my hopefully it will truly bring them joy!

Light Fixture Decor

I'm thinking I saved the best for last! I am not a very good DIY-er, so this year I challenged myself.  I have been dying to find something for the light fixtures hanging over our kitchen table. I couldn't "find" (AKA buy) anything, so I decided to make my own wreath and I am very proud of the way it turned out.  I got everything I needed for it from Dollar Tree including the green garland, 3 clip-on poinsettia flowers, 2 acorn ornaments (cut and added to the clip-ons), and two tie-on berry/pear wreath accents.  This took me 10 mins to do...super easy, and only $8! Hello cheap & chic!

So that's a little tour of the decorations in my house.  I feel way more in the Holiday spirit now AND I didn't break the bank doing it.  Dollar Tree is definitely your holiday headquarters, and one-stop shop for seasonal decorations! Can't wait to see everyone else's posts and decor too! Thanks for stopping by and we'll see you Monday!

*Disclosure: I was gifted items for this post by Moroch Experiential.  However, all opinions and use of decorations are my own. 

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