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~ Happy Friday Lovies ~

'Tis the season for craziness!  I was at an event last night and we were all talking about how fast this Christmas season is going and how there is still so much to do.  I'd like to think that it has to do with the fact that Thanksgiving was so late this year, but that doesn't matter...we are still 13 days away from Christmas...AKA 8 more shipping days. AHHH!! (In my best Maccalay Culkin scream).

So in all this hustle and bustle I thought it would be nice to focus on something sweet & peaceful, a reminder of what this season is about; the magic of Christmas through children's eyes & the birth of Christ.  My son Wake loves books.  He loves to read them, play with them, repeat them, etc...  So whenever there is a Holiday I use books as a way to teach him about the joy/purpose of that Holiday. And in honor of Friday, I have Wake's five favorite Christmas books for this year!

Little Blue Truck's Christmas

Wakeland LOVES the original Little Blue Truck.  We got it through a book exchange and it is his favorite; thank goodness for other people sharing the love!  We read Little Blue Truck probably 1-3 times a day, so it was a MUST that we get the Christmas version.  It's a sweet book because it still has our main character, Little Blue, and it rhymes (which is also a big om requirement for W), but this time it helps with counting backwards from 5 to 1; so it's fun, educational & seasonal! Oh...and the last page has twinkle lights - MIND BLOWN!

The Spirit of Christmas

Now this book is one of MY favorites! I bought it last year because it fills every part of my being with warmth & love. Every time I read it I joke, it's pathetic.  So this year I started reading it to Wake (admittedly before Thanksgiving - oops) and it is now one of his favorites.  Between the lyrical rhymes (per usual Nancy Tillman) and gorgeous illustrations Wake seems to be captivated.  I know he doesn't understand the message (YET), but I can tell he sees beauty in it.  He always points out how the baby lamb is laying with the lion while the white dove flies above...that's so symbolic. So every night when I read this to him before bed (and cry) I'm reminded of what Christmas is all about...
"That's what then Spirit of Christmas smiled.
'You know this all began with a child.
Because it took nothing but love to begin it,
it's not really Christmas if love isn't in it...'"

The Polar Express

Now this one was my favorite while growing up. In fact, Wake has my cope from when I was kid that is signed by my grandparents; "Christmas 1988."  Holy Balls right!? Anyways, I didn't think Wake would be ready for this book yet; it's long, the pictures aren't "dazzling", and the words don't rhyme.  However, since Wake just happens to have a major obsession with trains and watched The Polar Express movie the other night...this book has now become a front runner.  And surprisingly (for a 2 year old) he will sit in his crib at night and listen to me read the whole thing.  He's even getting the concept that "Santa Claus" is someone important.  But the greatest message of all...and the one that still gets me all fuzzy inside is:
"Though I've grown old, the bell still rings for me 
as it does for all those who truly believe."


How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Do I really even need to explain this one? Classic. Rhyme Scheme. Funny. Great Message!

"Maybe Christmas he thought doesn't come from a store.
Maybe Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more."

The Story of Baby Jesus

This is an older book that belonged to me, but it's very sweet and tells the story of Baby Jesus through the eyes of a little girl.  It rhymes and is the perfect first book for explaining the "reason for the season" to little ones.

Happy Holidays & Reading!!

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