Thrift & Thoughts on Thursday: VersaSpa & My Mother's Bday

~ Happy Thursday Lovies ~

Today is December mother's (and maternal uncle & aunts) birthday.  Yes, you read that right! My mother, her oldest sister (by 1 year), and her younger brother (by 10 years) were all born, without being induced, on the same day; December 11th.  She would have been 61 today, but we'll get back to that below when I touch on my "Thoughts for Thursday." 


For now...let's talk "Thrift!"  Before my best friends wedding a few weeks ago I decided to take advantage of an opportunity to get a spray-tan in one of those booths.  Now, I've spray tanned before, but it was always with a professional who would literally spray my body with "tan" inch by inch.  I loved it because I felt very in control.  And I guess I never really realized it, but I am a total control freak.  I don't like doing new/certain things if for whatever reason I can't control how I look, feel, etc... With a literal spray tan I could control how many times the person sprayed my face (I didn't want to look like an oompa loompa) and how close she got to my ass crack.  In a booth you just stand there, posing like an "Egyptian" and hope it ends well.  So needless to say...this whole process made me apprehensive BUT I did it for the sake of my friends wedding photos; powder legs = no bueno!

And...not only was it much more affordable then getting sprayed by a human (that was weird to write), but it worked out perfectly and looked completely natural.  I did it in a VersaSpa tan booth and got the "full" treatment which includes a pre-sunless PH balancing treatment, the sunless bronzing treatment (choose between dark & light...I went light), and then a post-sunless super hydrating treatment. 

*Things I liked:
It was private.
The color lasted over a week
The color was natural
I did not look like an oompa loompa
I did not streak
The entire process took 5-10 mins tops
I can walk into a tanning salon and use the booth any time; no appt. needed
It self cleans, so I could actually see the soap and water cleaning where I stood

*Things I didn't like:
The treatments (spray) were frigid. My whole body was covered in goosebumps.
I wish I would have chosen the dark color instead of the would have lasted longer.

So as you can see, my overall experience was awesome and I would definitely recommend this system/booth to anyone interested in using it.  It cost $35 as opposed to the usual $60 for a spray tan.  Check your area for VersaSpa locations here


Now back to my mom.  As I said, she would have been 61 today but I have a pretty good feeling that instead, she's celebrating her 40th 21st Birthday in Heaven and walking around looking like this...

She was the original Sasha Fierce! She'll be forever young, beautiful, and perfect in my mind, and I just wanted to wish her (and my Auntie Barbara & Uncle Dave) a very Happy Birthday.  And as I always say, in honor of her birthday I will do something she loved and encourage any and all of you to do the same; cook a gourmet meal, buy a pair of shoes, pour yourself a vodka & club soda with a splash on Pom, read a good book, wear red lipstick & pearls, and/or spend quality time with your family. 

Happy Thursday Lovies!

*Disclosure: I was gifted my tanning session by VersaSpa.  However, all opinions are my own. 

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