Five on Friday; Let the Spring Madness Begin

Happy Friday Friends!
Have you had a good week!? Mine has been surprisingly enjoyable.  I thought it would be a little trying with Wake home 24/7 on "Spring Break" and my not tutoring, but we've had a multitude of fun events to attend and things to do.  Last night was no exception! Lucky for us, Jacksonville always hosts the first round of NCAA March Madness playoffs.  G-Ma & G-Pa took Wake for the afternoon to watch the first game between Butler & Georgia State, and he was completely enthralled.  He made it through the whole game, which for a 2 year old is pretty impressive.  Then, the hubby and I attended the North Carolina vs. Harvard game later that night which was very fun (what a barn burner). 

And, all of this brings me to my first of five favorites for the week...MARCH MADNESS

So here are my picks for the Final Four.  What do you think?  Who do you have?  I know it seems crazy impossible for KY to go all the way and be 100% undefeated, BUT, they really are so good.  We've had the pleasure (insert sarcasm) of playing them 3 times this year and every time I watch them I am always thoroughly impressed.  I think they can do it!! Plus, I wanna win so I can make that Dolla Holla!


So I'm looking for my first (of many) summer reads.  Now, I call it this because I'll be reading it at some point during the summer but god knows it won't be while I'm effortlessly lounging by the pool; my two year old would never let that happen.  However, I still like to have a good book with me at all times just in case.  Paper Towns is by the same author as The Fault in our Stars, which makes me think it should be awesome. Have you read it?  What's your opinion?  In all honesty I would rather not look like this

while at the pool please let me know if it is as heart-wrenching as The Fault in our Stars. If so I will leave it for night time reading. But, I'm hopeful!!

ImPRESS Design Nail

Y'all!!! This is my newest obsession.  I can't claim it as my own find, because that would be a lie, so I will just say that this trick has been lovingly passed on to me from a friend of the family who I adore and trust implicitly...and she knows her nails! Enter ImPRESS nails!  

They come in all types of lengths & designs (my favorites are the solid colors in Casting Call & Kiss & Tell).  So here's the trick...they have this new peel off backing with adhesive that is "guaranteed" to last at least one week.  What I've found is that when your an adult that has your hands constantly in soapy dish water, cleaning supplies & baby baths...NOTHING is guaranteed unless it's a permanent tattoo.  So what my "advisor" told me to do was use the adhesive & a coat of nail glue.  Clean your nails, apply a coat of nail glue, peel off the backing of the nail you want to apply and stick it on. The adhesive along with the nail glue makes for a solid connection, and so far has lasted me a week (see below for pics from last night).  The cost is approximately $8 a set and took me 10 mins to apply.  So...if you are in a hurry and don't have time for a mani and/or pedi (because they make french nails for your toes too - see below), this will be your saving grace! You're welcome! 

Sandals: Vince Camuto. Similar Here, Here, and Here


Yesterday I briefly mentioned that Topshop was having a 30% off sale on "Spring Essentials."  Well today I actually took the time to check out their inventory and was beyond impressed by the pretty florals & shabby/chic aura their spring items were giving off. Here are some of my favorites below.  Pretty right!? I'm definitely feeling all of these for Spring/Summer. 

Wake's Summer Shoes

Per usual, every six months or so  I get Wake a new round of shoes since his feet are growing so fast, and here are my favorites so far for him.  I'm obsessed with these Converse velcro shoes...they are leather (not the typical canvas) so they wash up really well.  I can spot treat them quickly with a rag or throw them through a wash cycle to shine them right up. Next, the Toms are a given because I know they're comforable and are just about the cutest things on kids.  And lastly, I can't decide beween the Keens again or going with the new Nike sandal.  The nike sandal feels really comfortable on the inside and it dries really fast when wet. I loved the Keens, but last year they ended up smelling like a garbage dump because of all the sweat & water...but something tells me that might just be the norm with kids & sandals.  What do you think?  Have you found any kids sandals that are comfortable, stay on & don't smell like death?  Help a sister out...

Wake in his Converse before March Madness...

Have a great weekend Lovies!!! See you next week!

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