Five on Friday: Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide Splurge-Worthy

~ Happy Friday Lovies ~
This week went by slower then turtles in molasses! Boy am I glad to see Friday. So I've decided that tomorrow might be the official day to start potty training W.  Eek!  I'm not totally sure I'm prepared for this, but we have nothing going on Saturday, Sunday & Monday, so we have to "shit or get off the pot"...literally! Going to try the 3 day method which means no pants for 72 hours other than when he's sleeping. Sweet Jesus that thing better not go off like a fire hydrant all weekend.  Please send me any words of wisdom or just say a prayer I don't lose it! 

Now, moving on to the only man in the house that is potty - trained, the hubby.  Today's Five on Friday has my favorite splurge-worthy gifts for dad!

From keeping your beer cold (for days...we've tried it) to keeping fish fresh, there is no better cooler on the market...for anything.  These Yeti coolers are built like whitewater kayaks so that they can be used & abused without a worry. Their walls are 3 inches thick and there is a freezer quality gasket that seals the lid; no air in or out even on the hottest of days! I rolled my eyes at the price at first, but then once we got one I was completely sold.  They are worth every penny especially if the man in your life/family is an outdoorsman. 

I love this watch.  I think it is perfect for any gentleman and is exceptionally well made.  My very first watch was a Swiss Army and I still have it...16 years later. Swiss Army last the test of time; physically & aesthetically. It's the perfect combination of gold & silver to match any outfit and has the perfect balance of casual & fancy so it can be worn both day & night. 

A pricey no-brainer.  Whether it be sporting events, music, theatre, etc..., the man in your life would find something wonderful on ticket master (or any other ticket purchasing website).  This can get pricey depending on location & event, but sometimes gifting an experience is better than gifting an object.  

These gorgeous hand stitched belts are one of a kind. They come in a plethora of colors with a multitude of logos & designs. There is not one guy out there who would be able to find at least one belt they didn't like. I was shocked when I first saw the price tag, BUT they are super unique and hand made. Totally worth it!

My father loves scotch, like on a Ron Burgundy level of love. My husband loves scotch. did my mother, and my grandmother and my whole stinking family.  I on the other hand would rather drink rubbing alcohol since they taste about the same to me.  Regardless, my father loves educating himself on things that he enjoys; cigars, red wine, the Caribbean, and scotch.  According to him, Lochnagar is one of the best single malt scotches in the world. So with that in mind, this bottle is a lovely gift for the whiskey aficionado in your family!

Have a great weekend Lovies!!!!

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