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As I sit here and reflect on another Moda Monday where I have failed to produce anything "Moda" worthy, I start to question my ability and/or willingness to photo myself pregnant...which is sad! I don't think I'm self-conscious, although I did walk around all day yesterday with splattered ketchup on my sweater unknowingly. This belly is a catch-all!! But I think that I'm most concerned with my maternity looks resonating with the majority of you who probably aren't pregnant or interested in pregnancy fashion. Although, I will say that a friend of mine has openly admitted (on her blog even) that she still wears her maternity stretch pants...because they are that comfortable.  So pregnant or not there is no judgement in investing in a pair of good maternity stretch pants - haha.  There are my personal faves...

Anyways, moving along... instead of posting a "photo shoot" I've decided to share with you some cool ways to make maternity look cute (in my personal opinion). The greatest thing for you all is that these tricks and most of these clothing items could/should appeal to the non-pregnant masses. 

 1. Tunics & Asymmetrical hemlines.
I HATE the side-ruched & belted blouson maternity tops.  If you want to look 6 months pregnant when you're only 3 months...go ahead! If you want to look like you're carrying twins during your 2nd & 3rd trimesters...these are the tops for you! Every time I put on one of these tops I feel larger than life; like my ass extends as far out in the back as my stomach does in the front.  These shirts add 10+ lbs. immediately.  Now may love them, but did you ever see Kate Middleton, Blake Lively, Rachel Zoe, etc...wearing one?  I don't think so! Suggestion: buy tees that have a large, drapey feel & tunics that aren't even necessarily maternity. Below are my favorites: The long sleeve tee is maternity by Splendid and beyond comfy.  It comes in 4+ different colors, is super soft, doesn't add that "extra" weight, AND is currently on clearance. I almost wore it out of the store. The tunic on the right is from Nally and Millie and is NOT maternity. I'm in my 7th month of pregnancy and this tunic still fits great and is adorable.  I wear it, wash it, wear it, etc...  

2. Button Ups?  Button Ups!
Still following rule #1 (no belts), button ups are perfect for styling your belly.  Buy over sized button-ups in the women's or men's departments, roll up the sleeves and you're good to go! I bought two over-sized NON maternity button ups recently, and again, wear them on repeat! The chambray top is available at Old Navy in both maternity and non-maternity, and the flannel button up is from Target...I got a size XL.   

3. Tight Dresses!
This "style" took me a hot minute to get used to...I really had to embrace the belly & curves.  But again, you want to avoid wearing things that make you look plumpier and dumpier than you actually are. If Kim Kardashian can do it...SO CAN YOU! You can experiment with wearing things you already have in your wardrobe (like when I wore this non-maternity Nicole Miller dress) or you can buy a maternity "bodycon"/spandex dress. Asos has the best!  For example...look at the difference between this same model in these two different maternity dresses. I would look like a homely school-marm in the dress on the right but if I threw on my maternity spanx and some fun jewelry (maybe even a scarf, cardigan & some Chuck Taylor's) I could definitely pull off the dress on the left. 

I was at a wedding last weekend and decided to try this "bodycon" maternity dress from Asos. I wore my maternity spanx (DUH!) and some fancy jewelry, and not only did I feel great about my waddling self, BUT I also go a lot of compliments. 

Sorry about the bad lighting & shot but this is all we got that night. Whoops!

4. Skinny pants/jeans/leggings with everything!
Even when not pregnant you want to make sure to balance out your body and outfit.  "Balance is about styling pieces together in correct proportions to establish an even distribution among your whole outfit."  When pregnant, the best way to do this is to wear skinny jeans, cigarette pants & leggings with your oversize tees, tunics & button-downs from rules #1 & #2...especially when you're wearing flats. See examples below.  *Exception to the rule...wear boot cut pants/jeans with heels & wedges.

5. Heels!
Doctors say if you're having a healthy pregnancy and aren't experiencing pain while wearing heels then it's a perfect way to feel sexy! I wouldn't suggest wearing them through an 8+ hour work day (especially if you don't sit much), but I personally wear my heels, heeled boots, and wedges often! It makes me feel much more cute AND it elongates your legs which helps with displacing your growing weight. 

 P.S. This Kerisma tunic is one of the BEST tops ever!! It is adorable whether pregnant or not. 

6. Chunky/Statement Accessories
Bold accessories are the best way to dress up a slouchy outfit or make you feel good when you're having a "fat" day...which for me is often.  Statement pieces can add that extra pizazz to a casual outfit and gives off that more put together look. A good mani/pedi can't hurt the morale either. 

7. Scarves? Gone With the Wind Fabulous!
I have really gotten into the scarves this time around. They are the perfect way to cover up that awkward beer gut you may have in the first trimester before you've told anyone, but they are also the perfect way to add print to a blah outfit, add color, and it can make you look longer and leaner.  

Embrace that growing bump ladies without sacrificing your inner fashionista!!  Happy Monday!

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