Super Bowl Ready

Hello Lovies! Super Bowl 50 is only days away, and regardless of who you're rooting for we have everything you'll need for the perfect celebration/party/viewing scenario!

Go Broncos!
Super Bowl 2016 Bronco Outfit


Flats // Splurge Earrings


Go Panthers!
Super Bowl 2016 Panther Outfit




So I'm not big into making my food look sporty or themed; no football shaped cheese balls in this house. I just want my food to taste good and be a crowd pleaser. The possibilities here are endless but these are my tried & true favorites for hosting and toasting! 

Feta Dip // Homemade Krystal (White Castle) Burgers // Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread // Black Bean Queso


Drinks (Cocktail & Mocktail)

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LOVE THIS DRINK! Same concept...different outcome ;-).  

First we have The (alcoholic) Monaco...
* 1/2 oz lemon juice
* 8 oz beer
* 4 oz IZZE (I prefer Pomegranate but you can use any flavor)
* Add lemon juice and beer into the bottom of a pilsner glass. Top with Izze and serve

Next we have my current favorite since I can't drink...The Mocktail (shown above)
* 3 oz Club Soda
* 5 oz Izze (I prefer Pomegranate or Grapefruit but you can use any flavor) 
* Lime
* Add club soda and Izze into glass over ice (I like to use something fancy to make myself feel better) and mix. Squeeze some lime into the mix and garnish.  Viola!


Things to Know!

When & Where: 
Santa Clara, CA (Home of the San Fran 49ers) Sunday February 7th at 6:30pm est.

Who's Playing: 
The Carolina Panthers (NFC, 15-1) vs. The Denver Broncos (AFC, 12-4). The Panthers would have a perfect record if not for a random upset by the Atlanta Falcons. If you you're a social media whore like me...this is the game where Kroy Bierrman and Kim Zolciak Bierrman were photoed getting all shmoopy, whoopy after the game. Her and her boobies were hanging over the edge of the stands to lay it on her "man."  I digress! The Panthers are the current favorite to win it all which would be a first for the Carolina franchise. 

The Broncos are no stranger to the Super Bowl; they have been seven times.  I'm not sure of the years but I know they almost went to the Super Bowl in 2011 I think when Tim Tebow was quarterback...that was when I really cared. (Go Gators) This year they've had a lot of issues with injuries, including Peyton Manning their quarterback.  Regardless...they persevered and I'm pulling for them to win!

The Quarterbacks: 
Cam Newton vs. Peyton Manning...AKA modern vs. vintage. Newton is the quarterback for the Carolina Panthers and is kind of a stud.  People seem to LOVE him...he has that special "joie de vivre" that makes him really endearing and intriguing. He was quarterback for the Auburn Tigers and a Heisman Trophy winner, so a win at the Super Bowl would definitely solidify his name among NFL/football greats. 

On the flip side, Peyton Manning is already a football legend. Period, the end.  He spent most of his career in Indy with the Colts but has been with the Broncos since 2012. Since joining the Broncos roster he has has a litany of injuries (this season foot & rib) but is healthy and ready to win! For those of you who could care less about sports and just want the juice, Manning is currently battling quite a media storm over accusations he used a banned substance several years ago while recovering from a different injury.  There are also rumors floating around that this is his last season. Oooh, the drama!! Thank goodness for those Nationwide Insurance checks right!? 

Other Players to Watch:
On the Panthers offense you should watch wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. who will probably be Newton's go-to, and on defence Luke Kuechly who is a crowd favorite.  "Luuuukkeee!"  On the Broncos defense there is DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller who are their biggest hopes at putting pressure on Newton.  Oh, and on the Broncos offense...the kicker! Yeah, who would have thought but this guy is apparently a dead ringer!

Coldplay AND Beyonce are performing! I could die I'm so excited. I am more excited for this game Super Bowl then ever before.  The commercials are always so fun, plus I'm actually looking forward to watching these teams play; they're both really good.  And Coldplay at halftime is just the cherry on top. AHHHH!!! 

Random Fun Facts:
This year the Super Bowl ads are said to be up to $5 million for a 30-second slot.  HAHAHA! That is just too much to wrap my head around.  

Also, this year it's Super Bowl 50 instead of Super Bowl L...which is weird since roman numerals have always been their thing.  Don't worry though, next year it will be back to Super Bowl LI. 

And last but not least...the best part of the night.  The ads! Here are the one to keep a look-out for! 
* Drake for T-Mobile
* Kevin Hart & Ryan Reynolds for Hyundai (separate commercials)
* Alec Baldwin for Amazon
* Axe Body Spray
* Jeff Goldblum & Lil Wayne for
* Colgate
* Suntrust
* Christopher Walken for Kia
* Liam Neeson for LG
* Avocados from Mexico
* Pantene
* Helen Mirren for Budweiser

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