Maternity Guest Post; Miss Tara Belle

Hey Lovies!!!
Please welcome my next host while I'm on maternity leave; Miss Tara Belle.  I LOVE this girl and all her amazing style. You have to check out her blog and enjoy her post on Tiny Tea Teatox! XOXO

Good Morning!!!  Hopefully Morgan is at home snuggling with that new little babe by now, which means, today, you get a fun little post from me, Tara Belle!  i am a loud mouthed yankee with a hankering for sarcasm and a heavy addiction to caffeine, stuck down in the sweetest little southern city that ever did be, so consider this your warning.  PC i am not.

something Morgan and i do have in common, is being mommas.  i myself, have 3 little boys who rule the roost and drive me crazy which is why i developed the aforementioned caffeine addiction.  something i've never been fond of is tea.  not hot, not iced, not sweet, not green, none of it.  i'm strictly a water and coffee only kinda gal, but i have been blessed with 3 wonderful children, which means i've also been blessed with what i refer to as #mombod.  you know what i'm talking about, it's that skinny fat, everything droops a little lower than it used to, cellulite has developed on your ankles, your body will never look the same again kinda bod.  all i have to say, is thank you Jesus for facetune!!  it's literally the best app ever, if you don't have it, you should download it immediately, it will change your life!  so, back to the tea.  like i said, i'm not a tea girl, at all, so i was slightly hesitant to start a "teatox" especially one that goes on for 28 days and requires you to drink 3 bags a day.  that seemed like a lot of commitment for me that i really wasn't ready for, but it boasts side effects like  debloating, increased energy, and minimized cellulite, all things that i would love to have happen just by drinking some hot fluids.   no surprise, i never made it to 28 days, and i definitely didn't drink 3 cups a day, but what i did do, was start adding the tea to my morning routine and i can honestly say my little mom pooch has diminished quite a bit.  i don't think it will ever be gone, unless i opt for that surgery where they tie your abs back together, but until insurance covers vanity ailments, i'll embrace my little shar pei stomach, and keep drinkin the hot stuff.

thank you guys for stickin it out with me!  i hope you'll check out my blog Miss Tara Belle, and have a great weekend!!


Tiny Tea teatox c/o Your Tea

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