In Progress...

Hello Lovies!
As most of you know I am smack in the middle of a complete blog overhaul.  We had thought that everything would be up and working by last night, but unfortunately we are "at a stand still" right now.  According to my site designer, importing over my blogger content onto the new wordpress is not working; specifically these two plugins that she uses to import the content are not working. I honestly have no idea what any of that means, hence why I hired a professional to do this.  Apparently the plugins are having an issue with the host and that impacts the plugin...again, this is in through one ear and out the other.  

Here are the words from my fab designer that I do understand..."Long story short, I can't get your content over to the new WordPress site, yet. I'm hoping we can get this issue resolved within the weekend, but it might take longer than that. I will be testing it out over the weekend... It is nothing to fear though. [and] most things are good."

What does this mean for us?  1) We'll all have to wait a little longer for the new website reveal, however if you want a sneak peak you can follow this link  Aren't the new colors & title pretty!?  2) My current blogspot platform is a little weird looking and stripped down.  My posts remain the same, they just aren't as pretty as we figure out the transition.  3) I might not be able to post over the next couple of days as we work out this transition. So as usual, bare with me and I promise that in the next week or so Pampers & Pearls will be so beautiful and fun you won't even remember this little hiccup! 

Have a great weekend!

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