Moda Monday | Just Bones Boardwear

Happy Monday Lovies! We spent the weekend down in Gainesville with some of our best friends and it gave Joe & Wake the perfect opportunity to try out their new matching board shorts from Just Bones Boardwear.  (And it was nice getting behind the camera instead of in front) Y'all...these are literally the coolest bathing trunks I've ever found; especially for growing boys!  These revolutionary shorts have a patented, fully adjustable waist technology. Yes, you read that right.  It is discretely concealed in a Velcro flap at the waistband in the back.  All you have to do is life the flat, adjust the waist size and BOOM...perfectly fitting shorts.  Because of this amazing feature Wake will probably be able to wear them for another 2 summers.  Talk about getting some bang for your buck right!?

Y'all...I can not say enough good things about these board shorts from Just Bones.  You have to check them out, especially since there is something for everyone; boys, men, girls and toddlers. 



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