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Every year, for the past three years when I return from The Blog Society Conference I am always so motivated and inspired, it almost makes me anxious.  Have you ever had that feeling? Like, you have so many thoughts and ideas in your head about what you want to do/how you want to succeed that it completely overwhelms you.  Well, if I thought I had it bad the past two years...this year has been no exception! Right now, even just writing this has me all gooped up; although it could be the coffee. 

I have grand plans to write multiple posts about the weekend...don't worry, I won't shove TBScon down your throat, I just have some amazing outfits and photos I want to share with you.  However, today I wanted to talk with you about what I've decided to do with Pampers & Pearls and how it "might" effect the next couple of months until we get to the finish line.  Basically I am going to completely overhaul and re-brand Pampers & Pearls. I met with some amazing blog/blogger/design influencers this past weekend who took a look at my brand and made some glaringly obvious observations...ones that I knew existed but have been choosing to overlook.  

For example...take a look around this page.  What do you see?  Hot pink? Gold glitter? Oversized icons?  Undersized ads? Stuff that is no longer "me" longer Pampers & Pearls.  When I first started P & P I had no idea where it would go or what I would want to do with it.   It grew on it's own which I love because it's authentic. I had someone design my blog page 3 years ago based on nothing really...just some cute ideas.  But I've outgrown all of that.  P & P, like a child, has grown and no longer fits into it's "old clothes."  My brand is no longer cohesive...I don't look like the girl in that black and white photo anymore. Besides the obvious contrast in hair length, I'm also not so innocent, naive and misty-eyed.  My Instagram page looks NOTHING like my blog because IG grows/changes naturally with you. When you do a side by side of my IG page with my Home Page it becomes very obvious. 

There are lots of other minute things I could point out, but you don't really care and I don't blame you.  The big point is, is that this weekend was amazing and I learned sooooo much; I mean like mind blowing things.  And the first take-away from this weekend (among hundreds of others) is that P & P needs a major face lift. So...please be patient with me (and this site) as we not only create and merge into a new look (to be revealed slowly) but also switch to WordPress (this is gonna be scary) and become incorporated (I'm coming for you .com).

My hope in all this change, as bumpy as it might be over the next couple months, is that when it's done Pampers & Pearls will finally be where I've always envisioned it to be.  Our photos will be better, my content will be stronger, and you'll feel right back at home with me and my smart mouth again! Fear not...I will continue to post as usual, I'm not planning a hiatus or anything, things may just be a little off. But as always, thanks so much for you support and be sure to stay tuned because the changes are happening as we speak!



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