Thoughts for Thursday | Lottie's 3 Month Update

Can you believe Lottie is already 3 months!? She's actually almost 4 months (will be on the 21st) but our well-checks are backed up a bit because we switched pediatricians.  Anyways, I start back to work next week, which is nuts, and when she was born it seemed like I had all the time in the world before that happened.  As they say; "the days are long but the years are short!"  Anyways, here's what's been happening in our household with L over the past month...

Weight:  14 lbs. 2 the 67th percentile. She is larger then Wakeland when he was this age which is not surprising since she is definitely already a better eater AND pudgier!

Clothes: She is in 3-6 months clothes (more on the 6 month end). I've already packed up a good chunk of her 3 month clothes because they are either too short in the torso/crotch or too tight.  The other day I put her in this cute jumpsuit and the waist and ankles started cutting off her circulation. So sad!

Sleep:  Knock on wood...she has gotten so much better! I think that between everything we've been doing with her reflux that we are finally on the other side of the mountain. She usually goes down anywhere between 8:30 - 10pm and will usually sleep til at least 5am...sometimes 7am! *On a side note though, of course the second Lottie starts sleeping, Wake decides to regress.  He has been waking up multiple times during the night for a multitude of reasons.  Last night we found him in the family room at 5am wide awake playing with his trucks and ALL the lights were on :-/. The pediatrician thinks he might just be off his schedule from all the summertime fun or maybe anxious about starting a new school next week.  Either way we are hoping that once school starts and we get back on track with a strict schedule/routine it should work itself out. 

Feeding:  She eats 5 oz every 2 - 3 hours.  I have started pumping on the regular to get her used to taking the bottle. She takes the bottle every feeding except for her last one at night and during the night when/if she gets up.  During the day though she takes bottles, and I alternate between breast milk and formula because I just don't know how much milk I'll continue to produce (or whether I'll be able to keep up the pumping) once I go back to work.

Schedule: Up between 7 - 8am, feed, play, and then at this point we usually head out for errands, the gym or Wake's swim lessons. She will cat nap in the car/car seat and then get up to eat again around 9:30-10. Feed, play, 30 min cat nap in rocker or swing sometimes while I feed Wake lunch or play with him.  11:30-12:30 feed, swaddle and down for a long nap in her room usually until 2:30 or 4. Feed, play, and then she has fussy time so we take baths or go outside with Wake.  Last feeding starts around 7:30 - 8pm with bedtime between 8:30 & 10.

Health:  She is so much better! She had a virus a few weeks ago (a high fever in a body that little can be so scary) but that's what happens when your big bro goes to camp with other germy kids and brings it all home.  Her reflux is much better though which I think is a combination of her growing up, the medicine, the essential oils and my diet. When she's not hungry, she smiles, coos, squeals and giggles ALL the time!

Crying:  She doesn't really cry...she just kinda whines & grunts when she's tired and/or hungry.  She can't seem to get herself to sleep yet; she doesn't know how to calm herself and she won't take a paci so we just swaddle for everything. 

Likes:  HER DADDY!  When Joe walks in the room she stops doing everything (including eating) and just stares and smiles at him. She is such a daddy's girl already and flirts with him constantly. When he talks...she is focused and attent.  This will obviously not last, haha, but it's the sweetest thing to see. She also loves ceiling fans, her bouncy seat, her brother, baths,  and being tickled.

Dislikes: Her car seat, being hungry (she gets really hangry) and being held the wrong way.

Milestones:  Holding herself up (her neck strength is nuts; like the incredible hulk), a real hearty laugh, squealing, grabbing toys, seeing and following the dog around the room, going in the pool

Places You’ve Gone:  Nowhere out of town yet but she's been to the pool multiple times, the club, grandma & grandpas, restaurants, shopping, etc...

Visitors:  We haven't had anymore visits since her first month of life, but her Great Grandmother (and namesake) was in town visiting last week so we spent lots of time with her. 

Lottie Marie Teichert I with Lottie Marie Teichert II

Postpartum:  Great! No problems other then being tired. 

Life with Two:  I'm still so thankful for family living close.  My In-laws are amazing.  MIL takes Wake once a week for a day of swimming and playing.  This gives me time to do laundry, clean, or go to Target/the grocery without having to constantly explain to W why he can't have that bag of chips or package of ninja turtle cookies.  The night time routine is definitely the most stressful because everyone seems to need something at the same time; food, bath, etc...  6 - 8pm in our house are nuts!!

Wake is still such a great big brother.  He has adjusted well and is very protective of his little sister.  Whenever people jokingly ask if they can keep her, he frowns and says, "No she's mine." He helps change her diapers, get her dressed, etc...  Speaking from experience, Lottie will be so glad to have a big brother like W when she gets older. 


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