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Good Morning Lovies!

How are you on this glorious Hump Day!? I've obviously had some difficulty getting back into the swing of things since Easter weekend.  I'm not sure if it has been the extended sugar coma; I ate a whole bag of Starburst jelly beans & Easter mini sweettarts, a dozen Reese's eggs, 2 donuts, a piece of lemon pound cake with lemon cream cheese frosting, a sleeve of do-si-dos, etc... On second thought, it HAD to have been the sugar coma which in turn caused my lethargy.  Y'all, doing Paleo for Lent definitely had it's challenges, but the way my body has been feeling the past two days is definitely NOT worth the sugar.  Holy Cow! Food is medicine y'all!  So we have decided to try and continue to do modified Paleo as an actual lifestyle choice. I just function so much better as a human when I'm eating clean. 

ANYWAYS (blah, blah blah right!?)..How was your weekend? Did you spend it with family? Friends?  Alone?  What did you eat?  Wear?  I want to hear about it all!!!

Lately the little one has been growing like a weed! He has definitely become a little boy (apparently bypassing the toddler stage) and it's freaking me out.  He walked into the kitchen last night and said, "Mommy, I want a hotdog peez. I'm gonna sit in my big boy chair now." I literally almost died...dead...gone.  I made his hotdog in complete silence while I pondered what happened to my baby.  He's also started to tell us when he's going potty in his diaper (the beginning signs of potty training I hear... Sweet baby Jesus help me!), and to climb out of his crib.  This last part is scary as hell and my cue that we may need to start planning the "Big Boy Bedroom." We're planning on keeping the nursery as is for future children and turning the current guest bedroom/office into Wake's new room.  I've had in my mind what I want to do with it for some time, but I finally created a design board for it.  So today I am musing over this first look at Wake's Big Boy Bedroom.

Wake's Big Boy Room


Quilt// Sheets // Gator Painting // Dresser // Lamp // Rug // Shelving // Cushion // Wall Mirror

What do you think?  I know for sure I like the dark wood headboard & dresser, and the gator sheets with the Madras plaid quilt & sham.  However, I'm not 100% sold on everything else.  I.E. do I want to do a circular rug, accent rug or square rug?  And in that case do I want solid or pattern?  Also, do I want a simple/masculine mirror & lamp or something nautical like this?  There are so many choices but I definitely like the direction this is all going.  Thoughts? Suggestions?  Let me know!!!


Okay Lovies, now it's your turn!  Last week's most viewed "Muse" was Kristina from Medicine & Manicures! Love the baby blue & yellow combo...perfect for Spring!


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