Five on Friday; Holiday Gift Guide 2013 Replay

No...your eyes are not playing tricks on you; I am re-posting my Holiday Gift Guide 2013 from last Friday! Because it was "Black Friday" and the day after Thanksgiving, I was not able to post this onto the Five on Friday link-up. Therefore if you are a follower of mine and have already read this post...MEA CULPA!  However, if this is your first time visiting my blog and/or Gift Guide post...WELCOME & enjoy!

As usual, I am teaming up with the Five on Friday gals (Darci, Natasha, Christina, and April) to bring you my top five Holiday Gift Guides.

* WARNING! I am a Gator fan & Grad, and so are most of my family. Therefore a lot of the gifts I have listed are orange & blue or have a Florida/Gator theme.  I apologize if you loathe us! However, fear not, most of the products come in other colors or patterns.  Just click on the link and find whatever strikes your fancy!

For the Festive Furries in your life...
Pretty self explanatory, but these are my favorite finds for our fur babies; Daisy (a Labrador/Rhodesian Ridegback mix) and Snooze (a Calico cat). 
For the festive furries in your life...
[1] Dog Fridge Magnets - this cute little Etsy store has a plethora of cute sayings & breeds. Furries can be sassy too ;-).
[2] Personalized Stocking
[3] Dog Bed Duvet - this is one of the coolest things I've seen for dogs. My younger SIL has it for her golden retriever. You buy the duvet/sack size you need and stuff it with old clothes, towels, sheets & dog bedding.  This allows your dog to not only have a super comfy bed, BUT one that also smells like their favorite person - YOU! Then when its soiled, just empty the sack and throw in the washer.  GENIUS!
[4] Lilly Pulitzer Later Gator collar & leash set - LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Not only is it Lilly Pulitzer, but it's got Gators on it! SOLD!
[5] Elk Antlers - these are the only "bones" we've found that don't splinter or disappear in two seconds with our doggie.  They are expensive but last forever.
[6] License Pet ID tags - I just thought this was the cutest! Has a picture of your fur baby, name, address, breed, etc...
[7] Cat Mitt - My cat is a crack head and this is going to be too much fun for her. 
[8] Quilted Dog Jacket - If I lived anywhere North of Florida my dog would definitely have one of these. comes in Orange & Blue...Done & Done!

The Holly Jolly Jumbled in your life...
These are the gifts to get for that random, yet important, person if your life; the mailman, hairdresser, teacher, neighbor, hostess, etc...
For the Holly Jolly Jumbled
[1] Anne Taintor Magnetic Notepad - Anne Taintor always makes me laugh! If you can't tell I can be quite irreverent and inappropriate at times and I'm pretty sure Anne and I have the same inner monologue.  As a "retired" teacher I know I really would have appreciated this gift ;-). 
[2] Paige's Peanut Butter - Hello Legal Crack! This is my Aunt Pam's Peanut Butter & here's the story...My cousin used to eat two PB&Js for lunch everyday.  She got so sick of buying copious amounts of unhealthy peanut butter that she got a peanut butter maker and started playing around with her own recipe. She eventually found the magic mix of peanuts (ordered from a farm in GA), sugar, vegetable oil, honey, and salt!  That's it; five, easy, natural ingredients.  No preservatives or additives. She used to just make it for our family, but word spread (I've had way too many people finger bang my peanut butter jar) and demand got so high that her and my uncle actually installed an industrial kitchen in the basement to handle the massive amount of orders coming in. Anyway...this has always been my go-to for Holiday gifts and people are NEVER disappointed. If you are a PBholic then this is the stuff for you. She makes Creamy and/or Crunchy at $7 for a 16 oz. jar.  To order, email Pam at paigespeanutbutter [at] gmail [dot] com.  ALSO...use "Pampers&Pearls" in the email and get $1 off your order.  Don't say I didn't warn you...You're welcome!
[3] Umbra Zoola Bunny Ring Holder - Super cute right!? And it comes in other animals; elephant, giraffe, cat, etc...
[4] Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag - Looks like a plastic bag, but it's glass! Would be amazing on a glass table I bet!
[5] Capri Blue Candles - These are my favorite candles...especially the Aloha Orchid flavor! YUM!  But, they also have a delicious fir & firewood scent for the Holiday. It's the perfect addition to an already fragrant pine tree ;-). 
[6] Fork Cheese Marker Set - A perfect gift for your hostess...they might even bust them out right there at the party!
[7] Mercury Monogram Ornament - Girl...If it sparkles AND is's a done deal here! 
[8] Corkcicle - Hello Brilliant! Thought process I had when looking at this... "Now why the hell didn't I think of that!!??" And it was created in Orlando - Yeah for supporting US/Floridian businesses. 
[9] Anne Taintor Napkins - Hey Anne, nice to see you again! I had that same dream last night!
[10] Cucina hand lotion - The BEST hand lotion in the world. Try it and if you don't love it, get your $ back! JK...I can't make that happen.  But I can promise you this stuff is amazeballs. Comes in different scents; all which are super yummy!
[11] And last, but certainly not least...Garrett's Popcorn. This used to always be on Oprah's Favorite Things.  It's a Popcorn store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago and on any given day (truly) has a line out the door and down the street.  If you wait less than 30 minutes than you're lucky. You can do everything online...pick from a multitude of flavors (my favorites are the cheese & caramel) put it in a tin size/design of your choice and ship wherever!

The Twinkling Tiny Tots in your life...
These are all on Wake's list for Santa - wink, wink! Also, the gifts are listed by tier; first row are lowest in price & possible stocking stuffers, second row are mid-priced between $25 - $100, and third row are most expensive at $100+.
For those twinkling tots in your life...
[1] Banana Training Toothbrush - This infant toothbrush is safer than hard toothbrushes, soft & bendable, develops good oral hygiene, non-allergenic, and dishwasher/freezer safe. 
[2] Rockabye Baby - Coldplay is my favorite band! Yeah, yeah I know what you're thinking..."you know how I know you're gay!?" Well I'm not a 40 year old virgin and I'd probably still listen to Coldplay even if I were.  Regardless, I had to have this CD and already purchased it. I keep it in the car and play it whenever Wake needs to fall asleep or relax; no joke it works like a charm.  You should check out the artists...Journey, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty, etc...
[3] Peek-a-boo Ball - This is an exciting toy for interactive play between parents and baby. Rolling around, it stimulates baby to follow within eyesight and beyond, and to understand object permanence. Was rated as a top infant toy in 2013.
[4] Any book by Nancy Tillman - She is my SIL and I's favorite children's author. I literally tear up reading every book...every time; it never fails! Between the words and the illustrations I just love her stuff.  Wake will be getting her complete collection from Santa.
[5] Kids J.Crew Duffle Bag - Wake needs a good "going to grandmother's house" bag and I loved this one because it's Orange & Blue - duh!  I want it monogrammed though, so if I decide to get this one I'll prob send it off to a local monogram store. 
[6] Boatman Geller Alligator Cards - Everyone needs good stationary and I love Boatman Geller's things. I found these Blue Alligator cards that can be personalized with a name at the top for stationary OR used as presh!
[7] Chicco 3-in-1 Music Table - This fun electronic activity table is packed with manual and sound stimuli, electronics, and light effects. 3 removable musical instruments: Drum, Maracas, DJ. All help to create entertaining tunes and sound effect. Another top rated toy for 2013.
[8] Magic Cabin Rocking Horse - I'm obsessed with this rocking horse!!! It has removable safety bars for the babies - genius!!
[9] B Global GlowballThe globe plays 39 different songs. When your child touches one of the continents, the globe quickly lights up and begins playing a tune. Super cute and a great way to start teaching Geography.
[10] Orbit Toddler Seat - Wake is very close to upgrading to his Toddler seat - tear, so sad! So we are asking Santa for his car seat...need before want I guess. 
[11] Radio Flyer - every kid needs one of these!
[12] Haba Aircraft Swing - If they made one for adults...I'd buy it for myself!  LOVE the design & color.  PLUS it's made of very soft & safe material! 
[13] My First Anywhere Chair - this is the sweetest little chair out there, but what sold me was that it came in "Cream Sherpa."  I love that it's soft & squishy, and would match W's bedroom.   

The Merry Men in your life...
Like above, the gifts are listed by tier; first row are lowest in price & possible stocking stuffers, second row are mid-priced between $25 - $100, and third row are most expensive at $100+.
For the Merry Men in your life...

[1] L.L. Bean Toiletry Bag  - perfect for the college kid or grown man! Timeless!
[2] Moosejaw Thermos - Moosejaw is a company based out of Michigan that I absolutely love.  They are like REI but better & funnier.  Check out their website...I promise you'll laugh.  Oh and they have great products like these coffee mugs! 
[3] SIGG - Best water jug ever!
[4] The Art of Shaving Starter Kit - According to my father and brother this is THE best shaving stuff on the planet. I'd use it on my legs but I think they'd skin me alive.
[5] Smartwool running socks - The perfect running socks for mild weather.  They last forever and the ReliaWool Technology keeps your feet dry.
[6] Pottery Barn Catch-all - If your husband is anything like mine, then misplacing your keys, phone, and wallet are a daily ritual.  This gorgeous masculine catch-all is the perfect place to keep everything together...AND you can monogram it! LOVE!
[7 & 8] Patagonia fishing shirts - My husband loves the outdoors...hunting, fishing, kayaking, etc... These shirts are perfect for any and everything he does. 
[9] State Traditions Florida Hi-balls - This is a very neat company. Select your state of choice, and you will find shirts, hats, belts, glasses, etc... all in your team colors.  The white visor with the orange & blue state of Florida that Joe was wearing to the Fla/Ga game was from this website.  I love these glasses...nothing like celebrating a win drinking away your loss in something pretty. 
[10] iPhone 5c - Love that it's plastic and only $100...perfect for people who constantly break or lose their phone. 
[11] Beats By Dre.  - Cool colors. Amazing sound. One of Oprah's Favorite Things. Boom.
[12 & 13] Raymond Weil Watch - I got Joe a Raymond Weil watch for our wedding. They are a simple and classic gentleman's watch...perfect for the professional. 
[14] UGG Byron slipper - Ahhhhh, so toasty & comfy! 
[15] Lamson Guru Fly Reel - Joe is a fly fisherman and I got him a black, 4 inch reel like this one for his Birthday.  He loves it, so I would highly suggest it for any fisherman out there. 

The Ho Ho me! This was the easiest as I literally just listed everything from my own Christmas list - hehe. And again, the gifts are listed by tier; first row are lowest in price & possible stocking stuffers, second row are mid-priced between $25 - $100, and third row are most expensive at $100+.
For the Ho Ho Hottie in your life!

[1] C Wonder Monogram iPhone Case - Comes in most letters and a multitude of colors! 
[2] Harry Potter Transforming Mug - NERD ALERT! Hello Harry Potter, Solemnly Swear...Mischief Managed Transforming Mug! Get in my stocking NOW!
[3] Essie, After School Boy Blazer - I love pretty manicured nails with fun colors; can make a sad, disheveled momma look a little nicer ;-).  This is my fave winter color!
[4] Kate Spade Tortoise Studs - I want these in every color they make...true story!
[5] Monogram Necklace 
[6] Le Creuset Sugar & Creamer Set - I love Le Creuset! I registered for a lot of it (in Cherry Red) when we got married and I've never been disappointed; It really is great cookware.  I just found this gorgeous Rosemary color though at Sur La Table, and apparently it is an exclusive color. Get it now!
[7] Emile Henry Artisan Square Baker -  I have the loaf pan and pie dish, so I just need this to complete my collection.
[8] Lululemon - Anything from this store is a winner!
[9] Lilly Pulitzer Monogram Pullover - The perfect mix of comfy & cute.  This 3/4 pullover that has your monogram AND you pick what Lilly fabric they do it in.  I obviously love the "Chomp Chomp" fabric.
[10] Women's Patagonia Pelage Jacket - Gorgeous. Period. The end.
[11] The Spa at Ponte Vedra - this was #2 on my Christmas List...every woman needs a good, long, silent, spa day every once and a while. 
[12] Tory Burch Kiernan Riding Boots - #1 on my list!  Although let's be honest, anything from Tory Burch is #1 in my book!
[13] Powerbeats by Dr. Dre - perfect for working out/running.
[14] David Yurman Petite Albion - THE most classic cocktail ring. 
[15] Kate Spade Claremont Drive Marcella - Already posted about this bag (Kate Spade vs. Celine)...LOVE!

~ Happy Shopping Lovies ~


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