Thrifty Thursday: My Favorite places for Savvy Shopping!

It's Thursday...which means it's almost Friday. YEAH! In keeping with the theme of the week (moi) today's Thrifty Thursday post is dedicated to my favorite places to shop for great deals. It was really hard to narrow it down (because I'm always on the lookout for steals & deals) BUT, if I need want something I check these places first! 


In all honesty I get a little overwhelmed on this website.  There is just SOOOO much stuff. Granted, if you can tolerate it, there are some gems to be found.  This is my go-to website for  trendy swimwear at an affordable price. 
For example, I just bought this swimsuit but it was too small; I needed one size up because I have the torso of Kareem Abdul Jabar! Unfortunately by the time I returned it they were sold out in the size I needed. Figures!  I'm actually still heartbroken over it and keep checking just in case it comes back in stock.  Fingers crossed!

Do I even need to explain why I shop for swimwear here? Multitudes of colors, shapes, sizes, and styles for under $30 (usually)...amazeballs!


This is the place to get shoes! They usually have the cheapest prices (if they aren't also on sale) and there's free shipping & returns...all day, everyday.  They have every brand you could think of AND did you know they have a Zappos Couture page for more upscale brands like M Missoni, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, etc...! They even have the Burberry wellies I was wearing last week!

Prima Donna:
Piperlime styles...Forever 21 prices! Done & Done!
Ohhh and they have really great "knock-offs" too! Minus the seriously obvious Chanel logo, these would fool someone if you were maybe running ;-). Savvy Shopper Alert!


Bauble Bar
Thank you Courtney Loves Dallas for giving me another reason to love Bauble Bar! Not only do they have great looking/well made jewelry...but they are now really starting to create their own unique pieces (including a line from Coco Rocha).  Other companies are actually now knocking off Bauble Bar! HA!  So if there is a piece from a store you are truly lusting after but don't have $150+ just chilling in your wallet...this is the place to go! I got this super sweet initial necklace with a "w" after Wake's birth.  And if you sign up to receive their emails you'll get 15% off your first purchase!

Sweettart Clothing
See more details about this fab store below ;-) But if you need a good reason to like their accessories...check out this amazing new necklace I just grabbed from them. Ahhhhhhh; Shine Bright like a Diamond!

Saving the best for last...CLOTHING:

Sweettart Clothing
"Because life is too short to deny yourself champagne & sequins."
Sweettart Clothing is a local clothing company that I adore! Their focus is on providing women with the chicest clothes & accessories for the cheapest prices possible.  Cheap & Chic is my thang...DUH!  A few months ago I did some fun photos for Sweettart for the blog (see here) but last Sunday I had the opportunity to do some "legit" modeling for Sweettart in preparation for their website launch (TBD). I haven't seen any of the photos yet (they're saving them for the website) but I did get this little gem with my phone. Are you dying over this lace peplum top? Yeah, I kept it! What about the tassel necklace!? Ridic! Wait til you see the prices! Check out, and buy all their amazing stuff on Facebook or Instagram.

Forever 21
This is another no-brainer.  However, going into a Forever 21 is like running a marathon.  You really need to saddle up and put your big girl pants on because trying to find "good" pieces is like trying to find a black cat in a coal cellar. However, when you do find a worthy item it's like winning the lottery.  Not gonna lie...half my closet is Forever 21 (so posting pics would be obnoxious)...but you wouldn't know because I only buy the decent and valuable looking items.

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