Thrifty Thursday: Dreamy Dresses

What up Playas ~
(*Clarification: That's supposed to be slang for "player"...not beach in Spanish).
We're one day away from Friday...which means two days away from Vacay! Yippee!! So what does any self-respecting savvy shopper do once the nugget's in shop!!!  A few weeks ago I think I mentioned how much I love ASOS for bathing suits, BUT they also have some phenomenal dresses (and maternity section if you're into that sort of thing ;-).  Right now, for a limited time only, they are having 25% off certain dresses.  And no joke, there are over 1,000 dresses under $100. I know, go ahead and have that Macaulay Culkin moment from Home Alone and let that scream out! AMAZEBALLS! #SavvyShopper! It's a little bit of everything exciting! 

Now I know that we all have our own personal style, but I scavenged the website and found my absolute favorites! And remember...25% off!!!

Asos Dresses
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

 because the fashionista god loves witnessing our eyes sparkle when we see $ or % followed by OFFGiGi New York is having their Friends of Friends event right now. I own their Uber Clutch & coin/card pouch (which you can see here and all over my Instagram account). And, since I'm their friend (in my head that is) and you're all my friends...we get a sweet deal! Use the code: WEAREFRIENDS to get 15% off all your orders from now thru Sunday!!! 

Happy Shopping Lovies!
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