What's in your Bag!?

Hey Y'all! I'm so excited I stumbled upon this little link-up today with Chelsea and Ashley!  How fun right!? What's in your bag!? So, I decided to dump out my beloved Tory Burch diaper bag (which also serves as a purse right now too) and show you my stash!

What's in your bag!?

What's in your bag!? 

Starting top left and going clockwise...
1) Sophie le giraffe teether - This is the only Sophie that Wake has ever gotten and it's his favorite anyways.  It's easy for him to grip and get a better "chew" on to help with his teething.  It never leaves the bag so that we always have it!
2) Aquaphor - I wrote a blog about this stuff a month or two ago here...it's the best! I love it because I feel like it's the softest and most gentle thing I can put on W's little bottom. 
3) BabyBjorn Bib - I included this thing on my Five on Friday post a week or so ago here. It's the best bib I've found to catch all of Wake's food - I never leave home without it!
4) Kate Spade Mikas Pond Wallet - I actually have the Target knock off of this wallet, but I couldn't find a picture of it ;-/.  Again, I wrote a post about how Target knocked this wallet off here and I love my Target version! 
5) Erin Condren Life Planner - Can't live without it! Check out all about it here
6) Kate Spade cosmetic case - I LOVE this pouch!  It fits in almost any purse/bag and holds all my lipsticks, glosses, blush, powder, mirror, nail file, etc...  Plus because it's patent leather it lasts forever; I think I've had this one at least 6+ years!
7) Aden + Anais burpy bib - Best invention ever; a burp cloth and bib! It's just great to have for little messes AND emergencies.
8) Little giraffe Luxe Faux Fur blanky - I love this little blanky because it's a perfect size to throw over W's little legs while in the car seat or stroller to keep them warm.  Plus it's so soft that Wake sometimes uses it as a "lovie." 
9) Happy Puffs Green Puffs - Just like Cheerios but with some different flavors and added vitamis/minerals.
10) Sprout Organic baby food - My boy is always hungry...I swear he already eats like a teenager and has a hollow leg! So it is imperative that I always have food with me just in case.  I usually carry at least one of these and a banana. 
11) Babiators - Wake's Shades!
12) Ray-Bans - Mommy's Shades!
13) iPhone5 with J.Crew factory gold case - I loved the sparkles of this.  Of course I bought it at full price and now it's all over Ebay for less. FAIL!
14) Babyganics hand & face wipes - I use these on everything; not just W's hands & face. I use them on anything he might touch when we're out and about.  I love that they are odorless and organic so I can also clean his toys with them. Plus they double as a toy since Wake loves anything that makes a "crinkly" noise. 
15) Chew Beads - wrote about these here! I found another use for them...I can attach them to our jogging stroller, since they're a necklace, so now Wake has something to play with while we're running.  AND...I don't have to worry about it falling on the ground ;-). 
16) NUKs - Wake has never really taken a paci (thank goodness) but I keep one in the side pocket in case of an Emergency.  
17) Bath & Body Works travel hand sanitizer in Dancing Waters - And last but not least, hand sanitizer for me because goodness knows I carry just as many germs as his toys AND sometimes diapers need to be changed in the back of the car ;-). 

~ XOXO Lovies ~

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