21 Day Skin Detox

Happy Monday Lovies! My weekend was very nice and included much of the same...family time & food!  This weekend I got to thinking though, since the New Year I've been eating (See "Eat Right for your Type" here & here) and running for my health.  However, I've been neglecting the largest and most important organ (no, not my liver silly; I take really good care of her with plenty of wine & tequila)...my skin!  

As you know I am a consultant with Rodan + Fields Dermatology.  You can check out my R+F story here.  In a nutshell I joined R+F to make a little dollar, dollar on the side while on maternity leave.  Little did I know that I would become obsessed with their products though; I would use their stuff even if I wasn't a consultant.  True story!  Just by using their face wash and lotions my skin has never looked or felt better.  BUT...I haven't really committed to using everything Rodan +Fields offers to get my skin to it's "peak." So starting tomorrow I am doing a 21-day Skin Detox challenge...and here are the rules!

1) Do this Natural Beauty Detox Routine every morning for 21 days.

2) Use my Rodan + Fields REDEFINE regimen every morning AND night. It contains a wash, toner, AM, and PM lotion that "defend against and reduce the visible signs of aging for noticeably firmer, smoother, flawless-looking skin." I will also use the REDEFINE makeup remover cloths  and  multi-Function eye cream.
(I have a bad habit of going to bed without washing my face sometimes because I am soooo tired.  
So this will be a MUST for the next 21 days.) 

3) Use my Rodan + Fields Macro Exfoliator once a week.  This "tool sweeps away dead skin cells leaving behind a smoother, healthier-looking and more luminous complexion.  The proof is in the filter where you can see the dulling, dead outermost skin cells and debris that have been covering up your skin."

4) Use the Lip Micro-Dermabrasion followed up with the REDEFINE lip serum every night before bed.

5) Take a picture every Sunday morning at 10am in the exact same spot with the exact same lighting, and post about that weeks changes/progress on Monday. This is me yesterday morning (Day 0) right out of the shower w/o make-up on...#nofilter #nojudging.  I actually washed & dried my hair...do not get used to that! My personal skin concerns are evenness and tone. I think pregnancy and hormones have given me some pigmentation issues.  I am also beginning to get very faint lines on my forehead and coming down on the sides of my nose to my mouth...so weird!  

So that's it! That is my 21 day commitment to better skin.  Now, you might be thinking this is a scheme to get you interested in R+F, and I'm not going to lie to you...if it works, great! (Message me for a private consult).  But in all honesty my thought was that I have all these amazing products from being a rep, and who better than a consultant like me to show you whether or not our products honestly do what they say they'll do. Peeps I'm putting my naked ass face online forever. It's mugshot-esque and that's ballsy...so this is not a ploy, it's an experiment. 

*OHHHHH and on a completely separate note, don't forget to enter my Erin Condren giveaway here; it ends Tuesday morning!

~ Happy cleansing lovies ~

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